Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Citadel Collector: More of Bryan Ansell's Collection!

Hold the front page! I have just got wind of an update over at The Citadel Collector, with more of Bryan Ansell' s collection being photographed. A lot of this stuff is exclusive to the site, including many old favourites and some models and paint jobs I have never seen before!

Here' s a taster of what you can expect!

Karl the Blunt from Slaves to Darkness.

Orc bannermen, just look at that design!

Some inspiration here for my shield designs.

Warhammer plastic regiments, orcs and goblins.

Not just Warhammer, this looks like a Bob Olley genestealer.

There are also some intriguing unreleased material- like this druid.

Follow the link below to check out Steve's site.

bryan ansell collection



  1. That's the Rogue Trader genestealer patriarch. Apparently it was sculpted by "the Citadel Design Team with Jes Goodwin".

    1. Really? How many people can work on a figure? The style is soooo Bob Olley, though! A mystery!

  2. That brings back a few memories doesn't it?

    1. Yes it does. I like the tone of those days a lot. It's not the nostalgia I think, because I don't get too much of that. The wildness bubbling away maybe. It is easier to see things more whole from a distance.