Monday, 24 December 2012

Old School Citadel Christmas Style

"Where's your chimney then?"
HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all fellow enthusiasts of Old School Citadel. Here's hoping that you enjoy all the joys of the season and have an immensely rewarding time with your families and friends - and I hope you can sneak away for a few hours to work on a miniature or two while your rellies snooze off their indulgences!

In response to Gerome's email about Old School Citadel Christmases of yesteryear, yes there were indeed a range of limited (and not so limited) Christmas related miniatures produced throughout the '80s. So similar to yesterday's post, I have an un-numbered count down of sorts of the wonders of GW's legacy of festive lead.


"Ho, ho, ho..."

This wonderful model was sculpted by Bob Naismith. It was a numbered limited edition release and looks rather Rogue Trader inspired. I'd love to get hold of this model and create a festive RT scenario around it!


"Ha, ha, ha..."
The familiar spiky bits protrude from the shoulders, the face nothing but a grinning skull-like mask while large, bucket top boots suggest a regular need to 'stomp' small furry animals - this must be none other than a chaos warrior in disguise. This festive freak was produced by the Perry's.


"Hugthgg, hugthgg, hugthgg..."

Another Bob Naismith sculpt, a festive mix between Father Christmas and Lovecraftian Horror. This one was a limited edition release available through mail order in the December issue of White Dwarf in 1986.


"Humpf, humpf, humpf..."
Apparently an Aly Morrison sculpt for the opening of the Chester Store 'back in the day'... This model really reminds me of a more recent Empire hero below. So at least we know what Father Christmas does with his time the rest of the year...!


"Have you been a good boy this year?"
When I was trying to get my hands on some Dark Future stuff earlier on in the autumn, this model kept turning up with surprising regularity and some frighteningly high 'Buy it Now' prices. I have no memory of this one being released and have never found a White Dwarf advert either.


The mystery has finally been solved about one of the missing legions! They were a festive bunch who's combat doctrine involved the consumption of fermented vegetable products and unruly singing. No wonder they were cleansed from the Imperial Records, they would have got right up Angron's nose!

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