Saturday 29 December 2012

Acceptable in the '80s: Warhammer Releases from White Dwarf 98

Welcome back to 'Acceptable in the '80s', the ongoing series that hopes to document the history of Warhammer Third Edition through its releases, supplements and miniatures. Its been a while since we last visited the pages of a classic White Dwarf, so lets delve deep into the musty pages and explore the content in WD98.


Basic rules and an atmospheric short tale, all this for an ad? GW, what went wrong?

Chaos thugs - any colour you like!

Chaos thugs are one of my favourite ranges of Realm of Chaos miniatures, and they are a vast collection of models, probably consisting of over one hundred models. Here we have a selection of thirty two models, some classics and some less well known. One of the attractions of this range for me is the sheer variation of models, and a wide range of sculptors. Some of the models have a rather chequered history and turn up later as warriors. Even so, this range is a fantastic challenge for any collector.


Sixteen models, though other combinations are possible, including a character model. 

Another short tale, rules and a special character- all you need to field these chaos creatures.

Following on directly from the chaos thugs, are these centaurs, and impressive models they are too. Again, variation is the key and the two part nature of the models means its easy to mix and match the bodies to the torsos. I own quite a few of these models, though they have got no further than the bottomless jar of dettol.


Giant creatures aplenty. 
Finally, we see another set of minotaurs, and a minotaur lord, both of which were furnished with varied heads. As regular readers will know, I have painted three of the models in this minotaur range and own quite a few more. I consider them to be some of the best minotaur models GW have ever produced. The rat ogres are also of note and these models had very long shelf lives, testament to Jes Goodwin' s skill as a sculptor.

A short list of models from this issue. Realm of Chaos was obviously taking up much studio time (the long awaited release was still some months away, though.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these... Right, on to Rogue Trader...



  1. I did enjoy seeing them. I have loads of the Chaos Warriors and Champions, yet worryingly few Beastmen and Thugs. I need to work on that part of my collection.

  2. I really like this issue, just for those adverts. Great post.

  3. Yet another issue I haven't seen! Love the color shots of the Chaos Centaurs....oh yes I will build a unit of these excellent models...oh yes!