Saturday, 23 August 2014

Whiate Dwarf 124: 'Eavy Metal Special

This week we are having a look at the models that appear in White Dwarf 124 and many of them will be familiar to readers of the Lost and the Damned. Within that eldritch tome, two warbands are described in quite a bit of detail (in fact the same article is also present in this issue of WD) and a spread of miniatures are shown off. These models are from that same set of warbands only within the pages of White Dwarf we get to see them in a little bit more detail. 

The first of the warbands to appear is that of Lothar Bubonicus and doesn't it look beautiful - in a Nurgely way I suppose! Some of the models here are obviously part of the previous Studio collection, such as the Mike McVey converted chaos warrior on chaos steed and Skrag the Slaugheter, but the rest seem new to this force. And a lovely varied bunch they are. Stand out pieces for me are probably the most obvious, namely the fantastic standard bearer and the brilliant Palanquin itself. The definitive Nurgle warband published during the Golden Age. 

The arch rival of the Plague Lord is of course Tzeentch and he is well represented by Thunderfist, his champion. As you would expect from a god seeped in mutating magic, there is a little more conversion work to be seen among these warriors of chaos, with the most striking being the quite disturbing chaos spawn. Its worth pointing out here once more that your warbands don't need to be totally preoccupied with 'traditional' chaos units... This one makes great use of orcs! 

If one Tzeentch warband is not enough, here is a second one! This time we have a page chronicling the forces of one Warwing. One glance at him is all that is required to see that we have here one the greatest RoC era conversions ever built, yet alone painted. It really is a triumph! The rest of the band is pretty good too, especially that Tzeentch symbol covered minotaur!  

Genestealer Cults remain very popular to this day. Looking at this page of material it is very easy to see why. You can really get creative with the brood brother units and the limos. I am lucky enough to have seen many of the models arrayed in the photograph at the bottom of the page with my own eyes

Steve Mussared will be a name very familiar to readers of this series and his work is always well worth careful studio. here we are treated to many of his Khorne models, pretty all of which are converted in some way. I love the two fleshounds with the dragon heads and reptile tails and like all truly great conversion these seem to be very simple in execution but the standout piece here would have to be scratchbuilt chariot! I am assuming that the chariot itself was built up with putty and the wheels look to be custom jobs. The charioteer is a converted '80s bloodletter with a bloodthister whip. The draught animals, if animals is the right noun, look to be centaur bodies topped with bloodletter torsos! 

Don't they look properly twisted and macabre? 

Our final page throws up more work from another familiar name to this series - Mick Beard! He makes good work of the Marauder ogres we discussed recently and the unique alpine dwarf. But it is the Advanced Heroquest diorama that really impresses. 



  1. Yes I agree, Warwing is an amazing conversion. I think one of my favourite ever! In fact I was flicking through this WD the other day and I believe it to be one of the best issues for 'Eavy Metal goodies. That Genestealer Cult force is the icing on the cake.

  2. Always a good day when there is some old-school Genestealer goodness in it!