Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A sneaky look at some Warmonger WIP greens from Wargames Foundry

The Goblinmaster with his creation - The Oldhammer Goblin! He has the unofficial name of Boyldrick!
All hail the Leadheads and Oldhammerers! A bit of an exclusive for you today, a closer look at some of the greens produced by Kev Adams for Wargames Foundry: shared with you via Bryan 'Dark Winged' Ansell. As many of you who attended BOYL this year will know, Kev took time away from chasing the goblins only he can see and spent time chatting with fans as well as showing off many of his forthcoming greens. As some of you will know, Wargames Foundry are developing a new range called, Warmonger! This range deals with the many goblinoid sculpts that the Goblinmaster has done over the years as well as all of the new greens he has been producing of late. 

To quote the Mighty Avenger himself: "Kevin may have done a hundred heads so far: there's no stopping him now.  They are vaguely derived from the rough concepts that were knocking about last weekend."

None of these models should be considered complete and Bryan went on to tell me that many of them will receive additional layers of clothing and other gubbinz that orcs require to feel contented with their lot in life. 

Let's have a look then!

And now for something completely different...

In case you haven't seen this image on the Facebook group, here are the assembled Oldhammer Boyz on the Saturday afternoon. I am the plonker looking the wrong  way just left of the middle! 


  1. Thanks for sharing. It was a real disappointment that I was unable to be there on Saturday (looks like I missed out on loads - Kev, Tony Yates, painting comp, photo)...but I knew I could rely on other Oldhammerers to provide excellent coverage :)

  2. Oh, wow. That top sculpt with the rifle and crows? Beautiful.

    1. I know right, he really oozes character, and the extra bird on the gun barrel is a nice touch, reminds me of that Orcish version of Sharpe I once had...

  3. Some nice sculpts there - the first Orc looks great, and is that second one an Ogre? Please let it be so...

    ...though Kev's Orcs seem to have improved their neck posture from the old days

  4. Bryan said "There are a few more goblins to add hanging off that banner...."! Awesome as it is the first guy's my favourite. If he's released in good time for BOYL next year my pirate crew might get ANOTHER new captain!

    1. Thanks for the kind words.
      Kev does absolutely perfect necks now!
      All of this range of greenskins will come with alternative heads so that they can be re-posed or swapped. The second one is shown with an Ogre head, but it also fits an Orc one, we will do other heads too if we get time.
      Kevin has done over fifty Greenskins so far. We may do a Kickstarter if we can figure out how it works.