Friday, 22 August 2014

More New Oldhammer Blogs of Note

As many of you will know, I like to promote worthy and up and coming Oldhammer blogs whenever I can. It wasn't long ago that I cobbled together a list of my personal favourites from our community. Today is no different, as I have recently stumbled across two exciting new bloggers and I would really appreciate as many of you clinking on the links below and heading over to explore what these news sites have to offer. Of course, if you have a Blogger or Google+ account I hope that you will show your support and follow each of these immediately. 

Additionally, if you are a new Blogger in the Oldhammer Community and you want a little bit of promotion, or even if you are more established and what a bit more advertising, then please just let me know and I will happily review your site. Email me at the usual address

Right then, lets move on...

The Cult of the Four Armed Emperor immediately suggests genestealers and does not disappoint. These are not the more modern 'generic gribbly' genestealers, but the original subtle alien monsters who slowly and cleverly took over worlds before consuming them. Though, these aliens are not the sole focus of Archae Opteryx, the blog's author, as there are also so excellent old school skaven paint jobs on offer. And not the odd model either, but whole ranks of the chittering buggers! 

Let's have a look at some of his work...

I love this unit of skaven and really admire the painting style that has been used. Andy Chambers iconic skaven force seems to have been influence to my eye, but it may be the case that these filthy rats were inspired by other forces. Of immediate interest to me are the hand painted shields and banners which look suitably filthy, but are yet packed with skaven iconography. 

Wow! Just wow! Aren't these just some of the most fantastic painted genestealers you have ever seen? I mean, that magus is just exquisite and blends old and new school painting styles perfectly. Archae Opteryx has a very good grasp on how to paint purple too, as the painters among you will know, is not an easy colour to make look that rich. I certainly shall be observing this model in closer detail when I come to paint the colour next time. Outstanding work indeed. The converted (I am assuming here) limo behind them is also very true to period and fits the rest of the models extremely well. 

The excellent painting is not merely focused on the aliens though, as these outstanding Brood Brothers will clearly show. There is a very interesting choice of models making up the unit here, and Archae Opteryx goes on to show a number of close up shots of these miniatures individually on the blog. 

The really shortly named pw is the author behind WD-92 and has named his new blog after the first issue of White Dwarf that he bought. There isn't much to see here yet but there seems to be some attempt at painting up the Marauder orc and goblin army I blogged about not so long ago. I wish him all the luck in the world in this mighty endeavour and hope to see freshly painted goblinoids soon! 

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  1. Thanks for the mention, that's really generous and much appreciated. I hope that I'll have some stuff to show that people will enjoy. Though looking at those genestealers I think I may have to up my game, they're marvellous (I have a feeling I may be hunting for some of my own very soon!).

  2. Hi it's very nice to get a shout out on your blog which has given me so much inspiration, keep up the great work! Really glad you liked my painting, and thanks for the kind comments, it really is encouraging.