Thursday, 7 August 2014

Chaos Centaurs of Slaanesh: More re-enforcements for BOYL

Well, all the miniatures I need for BOYL are now painted and packed. I had my unit of Centaurs to finish for the Slaanesh army and took advantage of the fact that my wife and kids were out today to just crack on and get he models done. With some hardcore painting (no food, no water, no toilet breaks) over a five hour period I got them completed. 

And here they are! One of the models (far left) will be familiar to many. I painted it as part of my Warhammer Bestiary project and used it as a basis for this unit. 

This was the first model I completed, though it was painted alongside the next model down the list. I followed on with the colour scheme I used when painting the Slaanesh thug regiment - plenty of pink and green worked up using white. I maintained the white pony patters for the horse body that I had used previously too, largely due to a lack of inspiration. Most of this miniature was completed yesterday, and I just had to paint the chainmail and armour today, oh and add the eyes. 

More of the same here as the model above. Painted mostly yesterday with a few finishing touches here and there done today. I was feeling pretty weary at this point and still had two models to complete so decided to abandon the colour scheme and just go experimental and see what came out. 

Despite not spending the same amount of time on this model as I did the other three, I feel that this one has come out really well. A great mix of tones on the horse body and the highlights came out beautifully. I am particularly pleased with the blue hair and the way it lifts the face of the miniature. Completed today. 

The final model I painted for the unit. Completed today. Again, I was really pleased with how this model came out considering how little time I spent on it. I feel its the best of the five and so made it the unit leader, though this photo doesn't do the painting justice in my opinion. Still, I am glad all the models are finished and I am ready to get packing for the Oldhammer Weekend. 

Better get the army-lists written up now! 



  1. I really like those! The flesh tones are very good.

  2. The last guys face is superb... Not that there's anything wrong with the other guys either!

  3. Gotta love centaurs. The warband will be looking great

  4. Awesome centaurs, they're sure to make a dent in your opponent's army