Saturday, 12 January 2013

Slaves to Darkness 25th Anniversary: Army of Khorne Audit and Armylist

The raw materials for a retro Khorne Army
Hello one and all... After exploring a little of the history of Slaves to Darkness and life in the GW studio during the Golden Age, thanks to Rick, Andy and Tony, we return to the matter of my anniversary army. Remember that units of Khorne must be fielded in multiples of 8, Khorne' s holy number.

As you can see from the image, I have a fair few models already. I looked at the armylist from RoC and built units based on the models I had available. There are a few models I need but I have here the following;

1 Chaos Champion on Chaos Steed
8 Warriors of Khorne
8 Marauders of Khorne
8 Thugs of Khorne
16 Beastmen of Khorne
4 Chaos Hounds and a packmaster ( I need another packmaster )
Chaos Dwarf Bazooka team
Chaos Dwarf Mortar team ( I need the mortar though )
6 Chaos Dwarfs (I need 2 more dwarfs)
1 Chaos Chariot (not pictured as I am currently working on it)

So only a few models to look out for, though I could easily convert another packmaster and sculpt a mortar, though I would prefer the actual models. Can anyone help here?

Better get painting!



  1. Interesting idea. I only have the one mortar so can't help you except to say there are a ovule on ebay at fair prices at the moment. I actually have a khornate and slaneeshi army painted but not to your standards or in the correct numbers. Time to give it a revision me thinks.

    You mentioned demons before, will you be taking any blood stones?

    1. bloodstones? I haven' t really thought about the armylist beyond models, but as this is a celebration it makes sense to include as much as we can. So bloodstones and summoned daemons, not to mention undead auxillaries, need to be included.

      Good to see you back on the blogs.