Friday, 11 January 2013

The Oldhammer Community: Facebook and the Old School

Hello everyone, just a quick update on the nature of 'community'. I have just read Erny's latest post and been inspired to act based on his words. Not so long ago I asked a question about whether Oldhammer was a 'scene' or a 'movement.' Well since then things have changed, haven't they? Forums, new blogs, talk of 'get togethers even T-Shirts!

Having a look at my traffic sources, I am beginning to see 'oldhammer' appearing with greater frequency as interested parties the world over search for more content. I also have seen many similar groups using Facebook to spread the word further, and attract further interest...

So, I have created a Facebook Community Group called, rather unsurprisingly, 'The Oldhammer Community'. I've not been a big user of social media, but after carrying out a number of interviews on the medium, I have discovered its power, especially the WFRP1 Fans group. I've not made the group secret (for obvious reasons) but have ensured that only members have access to each other's posts. I feel that this could be a useful next step in bringing more fans of Old School Citadel etc together and, coupled with the Blood Forums, provide us with more ways to spread our message.

Here's the link, hope to see you there.

Oldhammer Community

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