Wednesday 2 January 2013

Bryan Ansell Interview in WI, Citadel Classics, Wargames Foundry and The Norse!

As mentioned by Steve over at the Citadel Collector (which is currently wearing a banner describing it as being 'hacked' by the 'Crows Crew' - a goblin tribe from the Mountains of Mourn perhaps?) Bryan Ansell was interviewed in December's Wargames Illustrated.

The article is certainly very interesting and it was nice to hear (and see) from the great man once more. Apparently he has loads of work in progress stuff lying around in a very Douglas Adams style way. He describes how he is working with his son to revamp Foundry as, despite being the owner, he hasn't had much to do with the company for a number of years.

Anyway, there are a number of interesting facts that arise through the interview, as well as some amusing photographs of the Citadel team circa 1982. The original artwork for Warhammer (you know, Harry the Hammer) no resides in one of Ansell's bathrooms, and Bryan himself admits to having never thrown anything away - his house has piles and piles of miniature related stuff.

Its well worth a read if you don't usually pick up this magazine.

As an aside from reading the article, I clicked myself over to the Foundry website as the article mentioned how Bryan and Marcus (his son) had been busy re-casting many classic ranges, including the old Warhammer Third Edition Norse range. I was very pleased to see many of these Perry favourites already available - have a look below...

And here some of these models (including the Norman knights, which are also being re-released) taking part in a moody '80s diorama by Colin Dixon.

Considering the prices that these models go for on eBay, around four or five pounds a model, this new re-release makes having an Old-School Norse army much more of a possibility, especially considering that the bulk of the models required can now be bought in one go. Follow this link to see the re-released Norse range. While we are on the subject of the Norse in Warhammer Third edition, did you know that they were going to have a full army list in Warhammer Armies? The list was later published in WD107 and is available by following this link - Warhammer Armies Third Edition Norse Armylist.

Looks like I might have to add another army to my resolutions list this year!




  1. Cheers for the heads up - the article sounds interesting and I'll have to look out for a back issue perhaps.

    I was happy to see the Norse being re-released by Foundry a while back - very reasonable price too. I just need the Barbarian range to get the same treatment...

    Anyone hear how the Rogue Trader event went at Foundry?

    1. I was at that event and had a great time. The scenario was a lot of fun, the tables were lovely and much food & drink (and fishmen) was provided. Bryan Ansell was there and was very approachable.

  2. There a few posts splatted around the blogosphere... The table and models look really, really impressive - and I love the link to the old Rogue Trader yoghurt pot space dwellings too...

    Try these links on for size Thantsants;

    Happy New Year to you, by the way!

    1. Thanks for the links - great looking game and yoghurt pots!

      Had you spotted these by the way - on a slightly related note?

  3. I read that article, and am now considering breaking into Bryan Ansell's house. Nice spot on the Vikings, I see some old favourites in there.

  4. Sweet! I have just got a few of those old vikings of ebay. I will for sure get get some re-casts and build a nice swarming horde of berserks.

  5. That's really good news. I've missed these little guys. Now if only they would do the same for the old Fighting Men range.

  6. The Foundry re-releases are especially good news - they've refreshed many figures from the Empire and Bretonnian ranges too. Frankly, if one were to explore either of these two armies (...and who're we kidding, we all will...), Foundry is the way to do it. Also, with their current specials on multiple blister packs, its fairly reasonable.

    I'd be on this right away, but matrimonial harmony is (apparently) more important.

    One day...

    1. Very seriously thinking about getting an army of Bretonnian miniatures from Foundry to replace my 6th edition Bretonnian army - or at least compliment it.

    2. Could some one post the links to the other ex-Citadel models on the Foundry website? I find it a nightmare to navigate!

    3. These are they (according to the Foundry Website):

      War of the Roses:

      Baron's Wars:

      I don't think all of them are ex citadel (or I don't recognise them as such), but you'll see some old favourites in the packs. I think you'll see other originals from Citadel if you browse the Renaissance ranges as well.

  7. Oh yes I will have a viking warband some day soon...oh yes..

    ....huh...I seem to be saying that a lot these days! Love that diorama!


  8. holy cow, I didn't know some of those old Human ranges were still available to buy, I always wanted the Bretionain (sp?) bombard...

    I will have to buy some later this year....