Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sanctioned Op: Work in Progress

The smell of drying paint is a fine substitute to the reek of vehicle fumes, I can tell you. Well, I have managed to get working on my prototype Dark Future mean machine today. Really, I should be using an airbrush for that 'just out of the spray booth' car look but its somewhere lost in the garage, and to be honest, the WIFE would go ballistic if I started spraying around the kids.

Old fashioned paint it is then...

Before continuing onwards I would like to talk about an email I received from the mysterious, Twisted Moon. 

wotcha, just spotted your new dark future blog. it looks good, and dark future is a great game. however, you might like to check out the vehicle design rules before doing too much modelling, especially if you are gluing weapons in place. laters, the dark knight of the twisted moon

I have undercoated the two pieces of the kit and base coated (and grimed up using washes) the body work of the beast. The main part of the car has been left black for the moment and I spent some time on the driver. The trouble is, I am not happy with the finish on the driver and want to re-paint him. The colours just seem too bright!
Do you like the grime? Plenty of dust and road filth over this baby. Next step will be drybrushing up the details and the freehand painting.
All I can say is thanks mate! Luckily, I have five car kits and I'm approaching this one as a test piece as I have yet to really explore the contents of the box, let alone actually read the rules! Better get back to the paint station then!

Additionally, big, big thanks to Kevin Green who has gone a found the link to the old Specialist Games Rule kit that GW put out some years ago. I've linked to it permanently at the top of the page but for those of you who want a copy NOW NOW NOW, here's a direct link!

Dark Future Rules

Now, where's that white undercoat?



  1. That link doesn't take me to the rules, but to GW's main shopping page ...

    1. A dead link. I will look for another online and replace it! (: