Sunday, 18 January 2015

Spin Off City: Dark Future's Supplements

Phew! I have had a busy week. And I have even busier weekends with two kids and a wife! I hope to spend some of this afternoon working on fishing up my Dark Future test piece and putting it online. To wet my appetite as I sit at the computer and work is to Google Dark Future and see what comes up!

Today I present the supplements that GW released shortly after the boxed game - which we haven't even looked at in detail yet, have we?

The Battlecars box set painted up. It was essentially more of the same, with double the amount of plastic kits that came with the box set. Certainly useful for big games and conversions.
The official box art from Battlecards. True to GW's form, they recycle old product names and in this case, Battlecars had been a previous vehicle combat game.  By the way, I love the 'Doom Buggy' and I am going to have to paint up a motor in homage!

Lots of additional rules were included in this, White Line Fever, the only major supplement released for the game.

The Dark Future version of those great ads that GW used to publish in the late 1980s.


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