Sunday, 18 January 2015

Completed 'Maniax' Renegades and Sanctioned Op Interceptor

Welcome back to Route 666: The Dark Future Blog. As promised last post, I did not intend to return here until I had a roadgang finished. Well I am pleased to announce that I have completed the two renegades and super detailed the interceptor.

Here they are below!

As you can see drybrushing has been must new best friend in getting the vehicles to look like they are no strangers to the lawless wastelands of the alternative 90s USA.

Freehand skull design is a nod towards the Arcane Armorials and the classic Kil Kil Kil to Rogue Trader!

Just have to finish work on the last interceptor and I am ready for my first game!

Best get back to the brushes!


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