Monday, 19 January 2015

Getting Going Again...

As I type this I am but 1,688 page views away from hitting 1,000,000 visits to this blog in just under three years. Barmy isn't it? There is clearly something about my rambling that you dear readers enjoy and I thank you for that success. 

I have recently been directed to various places where its seems that not everyone is so in favour of this blog and I. Apparently, everything I write just gets up one or two people's noses. 

Sadly, they are not just re-sellers and eBay con-artists either, but as the old saying goes: 'you can't please everyone all of the time' but I am happy to please the vast (and I can really say vast) majority of you in that regard. 

So thank you all so much for all your comments and support over the last few years. I hope you enjoy all the stuff yet to come. And I do have something special heading your way to celebrate that 1,000,000th page view and reward all your loyalty to the rhubarb I type. 

Wait and see.... Only 1,602 page views to go!

Look at the state of that!

Its my workspace at home and I must honestly say that it is in of a bit of a Spring Clean. As I have said before, these dark winter months are hardly inspiring for the miniature painter and I rarely get much work done this time of year. But some recent events have inspired me to get cracking again.

1. The Dark Future buzz going around the Oldhammer online community.

2. And Warlord Paul's upcoming game at Slayer, which I hope to attend. 

For the Dark Future stuff the challenge I want to set myself is simple - convert a modern die-cast vehicle into something suitable for the highways of an alternative reality. Oh, and do a blog post on what I learn. Clearly, by the response to my republication of my old DF material here the game is very popular once again. I will have to do something similar with all the Rogue Trader stuff I had on my other old blog.

For the second, the game in Notts I need to put together a small force of miniatures for use in this game. I was going to paint up some Empire Militia but for some reason thought of my little bag of barbarian models that have gathered dust in my collection. I have been meaning to do something with them for a while and fancy a small scale project for the coming weeks.

After a quick rummage, I located these four classics. Their backstory will be something along the lines a of a barbarian chief, his wife and their two warrior daughters... 

All very Robert E Howard!


Only 1,563 page views to go!


  1. Some real crackers in that little barbarian horde, Orlygg. Looking forward to seeing them all painty-ed up.

    Nice job on the 1M views. Keep it up. And don't sweat the haters. There's lots more of us out here that enjoy seeing the old lead.

  2. I'm amazed that there are people out there that take issue with this amazing Blog !!!

    1. It's the internet: 50% cats, 50% porn, and 50% haters ;)

      ... and this blog :D

  3. The Oldhammer world would be a very different place without this blog.

  4. there will always be some people that disagree. without that, the world would be a pretty boring place huh?

  5. Amazing someone could take issue with this blog. Still, excellent work, keep it up!

  6. Super site, you're largely responsjble for the little collection of Mcdeath figures now clogging up my welsh dresser. Hardly grounds for complaint though.

  7. You and your blog have been a great inspiration. I can imagine not everyone being interested in this sort of thing, but I really can't imagine anyone taking offence from any of your postings. Keep up the great work.