Sunday, 11 January 2015

McDeath: Raybees

Recent events have got me my Oldhammer mojo back again and I picked up a paint brush for the first time in quite a few months today. I have a couple of commissions lined up to get working on (its always good to be inspired by someone else) here at my work station - I might have to do some spring cleaning before I start though!

I have a cluttered group of unfinished miniatures and so I selected this little chap for completion. He is, of course, Raybees the halfling from McDeath. And he is one of those figures that even though saw considerable mass production seems to have an over inflated eBay price - especially among the Chattaways of this world!

He looks a little day-glo in the photograph as I was using my modelling lamp instead of my preferred natural light but I am happy with him. I am especially pleased with his face as I have been working on this particular area. He is also the first miniature I have ever painted with striped trousers.

What do you think?

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