Sunday, 11 January 2015

On the Boil: New Oldhammer Blogs

Rogue Trader Space Marine - by Quindia Studios
Good morning all! Now as many of you know, from time to time I like to share some of the great Oldhammer blogs and groups I stumble across. In truth, I haven't actually done much Oldhammering lately, largely due to the re-emergence of another long time interest of mine - classic Dr Who (I am watching all of the old episodes in order on DVD) as well as me tinkering once more in the world of Skyrim. 

But the following publications have made it through the fog and I think that readers of this blog may well be interested in these other sites. 

Stro'Knor Macekiller: Oldhammer and Rogue Trader by Quindia Studios is the new blog from the character behind Quinda Studios, Clarence Harrison, focuing on just his old school collection. Now anyone you have previously checked out Harrison's work will know just how good his painted minis are. They perfectly capture the 'feel' of the age they were created yet often exhibit more modern painting techniques. 

The brilliant (proper, in my book) space marine that opens this post can be found here alongside a number of other fantastic and familiar models from '80s Citadel.

Here, have a look at this one... 

I love the mushrooms, don't you?
Or these classic Bob Olley beastman sculpts with modern shields. These days, its fashionable, not to mention faster, to paint models in a uniform way, and sadly this rule is even used to work up creatures of chaos - who are supposed to be chaotic!! The mix of schemes and shield here really meshes the unit together and though the colours vary, they seem to be coherent unit. 

Just follow the link above, or reproduced here to check out some more excellent models from Clarence Harrison. 

He of Three Names sees Bulldoglopez launch his new blog. It is really very early days here, with just three posts at the time of writing but there is some real potential at work. Clearly the focus here is not straight painting but encompasses more of an Oldhammer lifestyle approach, similar to this blog. 

Check out these WIP dark elves!

I am really impressed with this scheme, and though not yet complete, the chosen colours really lift the detail on these miniatures and give the unit a military feel. There are, of course, whiffs of Slaanesh about the pastel shades, but worship of that particular god is always welcome with these types of troops. 

As I said, there is not yet much to see here but hopefully with a little bit of support this blog can grow and become another must-see stop off on your Oldhammer journey. 

One Hundred and Fifty One Reasons is another VERY new blog in the Oldhammer Community.  It is written by the a gentleman who wishes to be known as Frocker151 and appears to be focusing on Rogue Trader and 40k. You see, its not just fantasy around here you know? 

There are some lovely painted genestealer classic models up here at the moment but at the time of writing just TWO followers. I am sure that readers of this blog can do something about that, can't you?



  1. Wow... Thanks for the kind words and the link! Lots more to come...

  2. Even more great oldhammer stuff here, great plug Orlygg.

  3. Thanks for the heads up Orlygg!