Friday, 31 October 2014

White Dwarf 128: 'Eavy Metal Special

An interesting spread of miniatures from issue 128 greets you this morning. Including some more of Francis Ellyard's terminators. Judging by the traffic surging towards the last post I did about Ellyard, there is are plenty of fans of her style out there in the Oldhammer World. So I though you might like to see a few more. 

Also on this first page is the rightfully memorable Nurgle Predator by David Soper - who is famous for winning the Slayer Sword during the Golden Days and more recently. Considering the issue was very heavily focused on the Eldar, I am not surprised to see some of them grace this page also. And what a difference they now are compared to the initial sculpts released back in 1987. Two Kev Adams orks finish the page up, showcasing the inventive craziness that the Ork books would bring. 

This second page includes a fair few more orks and eldar, with the space elves having a good range of models from the 80s included. Also worth pointing out here are the brilliant Harpy models by Bob Olley. I have always though these to be some of his finest work and the colour schemes on offer here are quite interesting. There are just so many ways to approach the painting of these models, don't you think. 

Its also nice to see the Sea Elves make a rare appearance in the pages of WD. In fact, this may well be their swansong as I am pretty sure they were written out of the background with the not to distant release of 4th edition Warhammer. I have several of those Repeating Crossbow units, with one of them bought for a grand total of 99p not so long ago. Sure eBay has seen its price rises, but there are still incredible bargains to be found! 

The standout model would have to be the Grey Knight terminator by Francis Ellyard. Brilliant! 



  1. It's worth mentioning that, at least according to a late 90s article in WD, that Goff Boss in the bottom left was the first incarnation of the character that would later become Ghazghkull Thraka: Yes, the 40k universe's most powerful Ork warlord began his life as a conversion based on the RT ork army list.

  2. Thanks for your ongoing great work. Wow, I didn't know such a thing as Oldhammer existed. Great to find more like minded folks out there.

  3. The predator was a deserved Golden Demon winner. That is Chaos.

  4. Hi, Orlygg. I started an OldhammerRoleplay blog ( I was never a WFB gamer, but heavily, heavily into WFRGP. Actually, you inspired me with your fantastic blog! Thanks for that!