Thursday, 2 October 2014

WANTED: Blood on the Streets (the miniatures!)

Blood on the Streets is something all of us have probably wanted once or twice in our lives. Though who's blood and what street may may vary on who you are. A few of you may even have wanted the first (and for some reason least popular) 'Village Pack' called 'Blood on the Streets' published by Citadel in the mid '80s. 

Well, I have rather fallen in love with the supplement (expect a more detailed article on it soon) and really rather fancy doing an archaeogamer's delight on it. Basically, an attempt to hunt down all of the figures and build all of the buildings kind of thing. Unlike Orc's Drift, McDeath and the others, Blood on the Streets lacks any of those wildly expensive rare miniatures that cost the earth to acquire. 

In fact, I think I have owned nearly all of the miniatures shown below over the years, but sadly not now nor at all the same time. I would like to change that in the near future. Here I sit upon a vertible mountain of old school lead and a bit of cash too awaiting the flood of offers I will no doubt receive once I publish this missive. 

The miniatures that have somehow survived the culls (blame Realm of Chaos:Slaves to Darkness) have been obscured but I am very open to offers for any of the others.

I would really like to run this at the Oldhammer Event next summer. 

Don't be a hoarder

Get in touch! 

Or there just might be some real Blood on the Streets!



  1. Hi mate, I've got the leper if you're interested?

  2. Once or twice? More like pretty much constantly! Maybe I should get some kind of anger management counselling...

    I'm afraid I have a fair number of those minis but they're all painted and part of my Orc's Drift stuff.

    If you're still struggling for some of them next summer I'd be happy to lend them to you for BOYL 2015 - if that's any consolation!

    1. 'Than' yoo kind sor' might be an appropriate statement of thanks from the Riding. I will definitely take you up on your offer come next summer, but hopefully these little buggers will not elude me!

  3. As you may or may not now, I have an ongoing old campaign set in The Riding - or more specifically in the fictious fictional town of Stillburg.

    A sort of campaign background and the first scenario AAR:

    Here are all the posts I've done with the Stillburg tag:

    Glad to see some more attention turned to the Riding. It's a lovely place this time of year.

  4. I'm pretty sure I have Roland Prance and I'm 100% sure I have John the Trapper both are tucked away the other side of the country at my muvva's house. If you still need them by Christmas I can dig them out when I go back.

  5. I have Lucas Ermo the Busker; never did get that Twelve Monkeys thing off the ground. If you're on G+ I'm +Legion McRae .

  6. As a side note, Carl Sargent turned Blood in the Streets into the Flame WFRP adventure book Death's Dark Shadow.