Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Harbull Surprise and Other Miniature News!

Has fryingpan, will travel...
Those writers who talk of secrecy and silence often speak of the benefit of 'hiding in plain sight'. Of being there, and yet not being there. Unseen by the eye and unnoticed by the masses. The same it seems can be said of Death on the Reik characters as my photograph will testify.

Yes, that is a different version of Harbull, who I have just painted by the way. Now some of the other Death on the Reik characters get armed versions two, such as Wiener and Johann below, and Kirtsen the thief. These were (and still are) well advertised as such in the collecting world. 

Tooled up on the Reik

But I was totally amazed to find, quite by accident you know, that the same can be said for Harbull the halfling! Like his companions, he has been beefed up a bit with the addition of a steel helmet, a chainmail coat and a short sword. 

He is even named Harbull on the tab. 

I think that discoveries like this well illustrate what many of us find so fascinating about collecting these old miniatures. There are just so many of them, and you can learn new things about ranges that you may have known about for years and years. 

So it seems that only Malmir lacks a second incarnation... Or does he? IS there another version of a chunky elf looking a bit like Elvis out there? Who knows!?

Do you have any of these models for sale or trade?

On a completely different subject, my early forays into gathering together all of the Blood on the Streets miniatures is going well. I have even received two models through the post already. The busker model with the monkey I traded with Jon Boyce for an old RT adventurer model while the leper came as a gift from the very generous Rochie Rochford. 

A big thank you to you two! 

I have several other deals on the go at the moment that should secure several more of these figures for the project but that doesn't mean if you are reading this and you can help me on my quest you don't need to get in touch. Please do!

The first two new models in the range!



  1. I seem to remember that the original boxed set of DotR had an updated set of PCs, but I can't find them in the GW hardback version that I've kept. Assuming that I'm not imagining them, though, it might be that the DotR Harbull had gone through a career change, and the newer mini reflect this.

    Or I could be developing Alzheimer's. There's no way to know, really....

  2. I did not know about the 2nd harbull and I thought I had them all.. That saids what is harbul doing in armour with a sword? He's the medic the closest he never got in our old campaigns to being a fighter was panic fighting a certain mutant under a certain castle.

  3. Isn't this the one named "Logan" (or something similar) in an advert of halflings in WD97? And I own him too:)

  4. What the busker is holding in his hands? Is it some sort of hurdy gurdy?