Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Warhammer Bestiary: Orc

Despite not thinking I'd find time, I managed to spend a good few hours today painting. The result of this is three completed figures and a couple more in varying stages of completion. My Warhammer Bestiary project had not seen much attention of late and I felt it time to rectify that fact. Luckily, the next miniature on the list was one of my favourite races - an orc! 

Which figure to pick, though? I nearly rounded on Harboth but in the end I selected this chap. The model was obviously designed to represent a mighty orc champion, complete with arm and leg rings and an enormous helmet crest. He is also named in Blood Bath at Orc's Drift as Grashak Kra. Which is what I shall call him evermore. 

The paint job was a simple one. The flesh was worked up from Snot Green using Goblin Green with increasing amounts of Foundry's Boneyard Light. The metallics were simply the base colour mixed with a little black washed over with a chestnut/brown ink mix and highlighted up with silver. The armour was painted in much the same way, only with a red base and a flesh/orange/red mix to highlight the edges. I added an orange leather belt by mixing brown and orange and highlighting it up with a flesh tone. While the crest was as simple as basecoating in a brown/yellow mix and dry brushing up with layers of added yellow and white. I completed the hair do with a  couple of layers of bright yellow to get things looking uniform. 

And enjoyable hour or two well spent. 




  1. One of my favorite orc models ever.

    1. He was one of those '99p and only two minutes left' purchases from eBay. I am glad no-one else wanted him as he has that perfect combination of thuggish charm and gangly limbs that all good orcs should have!

  2. Know what? I plucked this chap out of my stripping jar yesterday alongside four comrades. He's now based and primed, awaiting the attentions of my brush. Excellent job, by the way!

  3. There is some great line drawings of him in the third ed book. You've done him justice.

    Very fitting choice as we're in Orctober.