Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Warfactory: Shields and Banners Special

Marauder Miniatures Dark Elf with freehand shield. Very nice work.
This is the second post in a double article about the Old School models to be found on an old webpage called the WarFactory. Following the link, you will discover that the Aidan who created the website over a ten year or so period, has quite a varied range of painted models. So its well worth a visit when you are finished here.

As before, I am letting the miniatures do the talking and am limiting myself to just making some minor comments. Before we move on, I would just like to say that the Rogue Trader standard bearers that end this article have to be some of the very finest I have seen anywhere. These are highly inspirational pieces of work that just go to show how far you can push freehand painting. 

Enjoy. And big thanks to the mysterious Aidan, wherever and whoever he may be! 
Beautiful Nordic knotwork on what looks to be an old Citadel Norse figure.
Historically themed Norse shields. Its work like this that I find most inspirational. As you can make out the technique used. 
It was this standout paintjob that first attracted me to Aidan's work. beautiful tones and that shield! 
Old School dwarf standard.
I love this banner, inspired by the original paintjob used on the Fantasy Regiments box set.
Classy banner.
World Eater makes me lost for words.
A fantastic piece of iconography. If only I could produce stuff like this...
My personal favourite. A brilliant conversion pack with detail. Outstanding!


  1. Great post, such fine inspiration!

    Did you get my email regarding shield designs and banners


  2. The Worldeaters are by Adrian Boustred from Golden Demon 93, in White Dwarf 162. His warband inspired me greatly. It still does today. His dreadnought is also brilliant. The freehand work is wonderful.