Thursday, 23 October 2014

A taste of Oldhammer: Night of the Living Dead II at Slayer Gaming Saturday 25th October

The Deathfist stands upon the steps of a strangely familar tower. Not doubt deep in thought about how best to crush his hated undead enemies.
"The Barony of Kraust is a bleak, shrouded domain in an unremarkable corner of the Empire. The wan sunlight rarely breaks through the clouds even in the height of summer. The birds do not herald the dawn nor do they sing to each other in the spring. The folk are superstitious, shunning strangers and locking themselves in tight at night. Squatting on a hill, the Baron’s tower sits cold and dark yet overshadowing all.

Tonight, for the first time in a year a single light appears at the topmost window of Goethesturm, Kraust's baronial tower, and the people of Kraustmarket cannot look away in spite of their fear. They are almost relieved the nerve-shredding wait is finally over. Their dread master has returned.

One year ago the men of Kleinetotehierstadt poured into Kraust and set in motion a spiraling saga of death and revenge such as they could not have guessed at. They destroyed Baron Kraust’s phylactery, for he is that rare breed of monster known to the trembling imperials by the name ‘Liche’, and they stopped a ritual so obscene as to turn the bowels of any sane being to water. Yet the Baron himself persevered, for is not the power of life and death his to command?

So began the Baron’s exile. Remaking a phylactery is an especially hard task and doing so whilst in a weakened state, vulnerable to the horrors that roam the dark folds of this world, is a terrible risk. The Baron did not hesitate nor turn aside. Along the way dark bargains were struck, ancient debts were repaid and fierce enemies were made.

Thus it is that even as the Baron, reborn, ends his flight and returns to the seat of his power he knows he is a hunted thing yet. Forces gather on the borders of Kraust, some will hope to strike the Baron down before he becomes unstoppable while some will hope to win the Baron’s favour by bearing arms in his name, but one is here for one reason alone and damn those who get in his way to bloody ruin.

The Deathfist is here for revenge."
Yes, its that time again. Time to rouse Ulther 'Slambo' Deathfist from his reverie and march him once more across the blastered plains of the Warhammer World. This time, Ulther is re-treading the steps he made some months previously to Slayer Gaming in Mansfield.  Only this time, he will be accompanied by his arch-enemy, Slake-Sin the Fondler and his Slaaneshi horde. I am sure that they will not be the only forces leering at each other across the battlefield, but these two armies make an impressive (if I do say so myself) sight on any battlefield.
Don't believe me..?
Cast your eyes below.

The forces of the Deathfist and Slake-Sin the Fondler meet in the Chaos Wastes. Near a colossus of a garage.

So just imagine what multiple collections of fully painted vintage lead will look like? We are playing out the sequel to the Battle of the Burning Tower that a gathering of us Oldhammer Community memmbers thrashed out in June. A full Battle Report of the game can be found here if you are interested in the details.
So if you live in the area around Mansfield, Notts and have nothing really to do this Saturday why not pop down and see us. We will be safely ensconced at Slayer Gaming and the address follows...
Slayer Gaming Ltd
Unit 41-42 Old Mill Lane Estate
Mansfield Woodhouse
NG19 9BG
Tel: 01623 232961


  1. Nice one Orlygg, see you and your boys there!

  2. Sounds great! Good luck, although if Deathfist dies in this game is he out of Nemroth? ;)