Sunday, 5 October 2014

Enemy Within Scenarios: Harbull (plus Malmir gets a new haircut!)

I have had a busy week, and will no doubt have another busy week next week, largely due to the demands on us teachers this time of the year. But blessed half-term is but three weeks off, the first Saturday of which I shall be playing a game of Third Edition in Nottingham, but the remaining days will see more time to focus on painting. 

I have managed to grab some man hours to work on Harbull, the adventurous halfling, and decided to work on painting brown once more. Though not as rich as Malmir's boots, I felt that the brown of the halfling's travelling clothes looked suitably weatherworn and battered. I created a little contrast with this by adding the carroty mop of hair, the pale satchel (no doubt full of food) and the blue scabbard of his dagger. 

To be honest, he was never my favourite character nor is he my favourite player character miniature, but after painting him I feel a little warmer towards him. I also made good my promise to change Malmir's hair colour, and he now looks even more like Elvis than ever.

Hang on a moment? If you squint, Harbull looks like a shorter version of Sir Elton John! 

Two rock 'n' rollers for your Oldhammer money! 

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