Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Norse Army-list from WD107

A number of people have asked me recently if there is an 'official' army-list for the Norse in Warhammer Third edition, and truth be told, there is, though why it never made it into the pages of Warhammer Armies is beyond me. 

I published a version of this quite some years ago, but that copy was rather spoiled due to a blob of grey paint right over the top of much of the statistics. Here is a link to a much better version of the list, cleaned up by Jordan Grigg and available on Scribd.

While we are on the subject, you can get most of the Norse range (minus the dwarfs, sdaly) from Wargames Foundry and the models can be found here. Additionally, the lesser known Norman range is also now available to purchase from Foundry too! 


  1. I love the fact that this army list actually feels Norse.

    I hate what recent Warhammer editions have done with the Norscans, turning them into generic fantasy barbarians who serve the Chaos gods.

    1. This army list is strange because you cant have any Mamoth or Sabretooth tigers...

    2. Don't let that stop you using them if you want to! There's nothing wrong with adjusting the list slightly to tailor it to the figures you've got. I've got 9 bear cult berserkers from Foundry that aren't part of my WAB army I'm going to use as 'Beornings' instead of Ulfhednar. They turn into bears instead of wolves and work out at 27 points instead of 15. I've worked out a couple of 3000 point lists incorporating a mammoth. The mammoth is a warbeast and costs 300 points; plus the cost of the crew. A howdah would cost 1 point per crew member.

  2. Thanks for posting this Orlygg. A bunch of Vendel & Asgard dwarves and I'll have a sizable Norse army.