Thursday 9 April 2020

Famous Familiars: Ironclad Imp

Another sunny day in lockdown, and after constructing a temporary greenhouse and getting out a paddling pool for the children I found some time for painting. I chose the Ironclad Imp today, as you can see and really enjoyed painting him up.

Not that he took long. 

Despite his name indicating iron, I decided to give him chaos armour instead. Bright, vibrant colours make more interesting miniatures in my view so I went for blue. Purely because I hadn't used that colour on the Skeletal Minion figure. And, this familiar has a slight chaos armour style vibe anyway. 

The sword was a little more challenging. Long term readers know that I struggle to get a decent metallic silver but I feel I have made a little progress here. Drybrushing, inkwashing and edge highlighting gave the sword a little character along its length and I used a brilliant gold to add contrast on the hilt. 

A fun little figure... and one that really should be in any discerning enthusiasts collection. Painted, of course! 

I had a second go at photographing the Minion too. Still haven't quite got the hang of it so please bare with me... though I feel I have captured the colouring of my paint jobs more successfully this time.

See you soon....



  1. He looks terrific - really great work on what's effectively a 15mm figure!

    1. Thanks JC - though my eyesight isn't what it used to be, I really enjoy these tiny figures.

  2. Wonderful to see you back on-line, and a great paint job to boot!

  3. Replies
    1. Opps, you spoke to soon. I have struggled to get anything painted over the last few days. Too hot!

  4. He looks great! I have a few of these in a box and now I have to find them and get them on the shelf and painted! Well, in the opposite order....

    1. Good luck in your quest! They are great fun to paint and stretch the imagination a little.

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  6. I really like the blue color on that imp. It fits very well the magical familiar idea.

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