Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Acceptable in the '80s: White Dwarf 127, Marauder Undead and Flagellants

Unfortunately, my scanner is broken and so I am left with the only remaining option when detailing this series, photographing articles of interest with my phone. Not an ideal way to gather up historical evidence, but its all I have to use at the moment. If you happen to have better quality images of these pages, or can scan them, I would be very grateful and its fairly easy to replace photographs once a blog has been posted. 

Onwards and upwards then. Issue 127 is one of the all time classics, especially if you are into the Eldar. For it was within the pages of this issue that their background saw its first major relaunch. There are literally pages, and pages of art, fluff and such but this is a series of  blog posts that focuses on Warhammer Third Edition, not Rogue Trader, so commenting on these extracts will need to wait for another day. 

As we have come to expect, there is a little here that would interest hardcore Warhammer fans. As we know, Warhammer was in decline at this point, largely due to the runaway success of Rogue Trader, and the explosion of Big Box Games, including the massive selling Heroquest. There was plenty of fantasy around, it just wasn't Warhammer Fantasy

Marauder's monthly release for issue 127 were primarily undead. Let'a have a look at the minis in a bit more detail shall we?

I remember being disappointed by these back in 1990, and despite my changing views on Marauder as a range, I am still disappointed with them now. These skeletons just aren't as good at the older Citadel ones. The skulls look like comedic Halloween masks and the poses are very dull. I get the feeling looking at them now that they were most likely knocked out quite quickly, especially when you compare them to the lovingly put together Imperial Dwarf range by Marauder. 

There are some great ideas on a few of the models though, such as skeletons A, B and C in MM50/5, who have a strange appeal. I think its the cross between pantomime villain and mongol warrior! But overall these are not models that I will ever be adding to the collection. Perhaps I am being unfair, and please do let me know if you think I am, as it may just be the paint jobs that make these models look the way they do, but I very much doubt it. 

The Flagellants are are a different kettle of fish. Though a little obscured by the quality of the my photography, these are quite characterful models. The all look interesting and have yet to acquire the impossibly muscled look of the later plastic versions. Interestingly, flagellants were first mentioned (as far as I know away) back in 1987's Warhammer Armies book, but this is the first time we see some models produced distinctly to represent them. In my opinion, the style of sculpting is very different with these models, and reflect what was going to come with the Warhammer miniature line rather than fitting in with what had gone before. 

What are your views of these models? Is it yeah or nay for the skellies? Are you a fan of the flagellants? Please share. 



  1. To be honest, I never really took to Marauder in general. The skeletons were amonst my most disliked of the range but I agree in your opinion on the Flagellants. They are indeed full of character. Also the Marauder Chaos and Chaos Dwarf are not particularly high on my list of likes. I did, however quite like the Dark Elf range although probably not enough for me to buy any.
    Only is it in recent times have I began to embrace the Empire range but having said that, not all of them. Likewise with the Dwarf range; some I find very appealing these days but a lot of them I can take or leave.

    1. One of the problems with the Marauder range is its similarity to the later editions of Warhammer. They lack the 'style' of classic '80s Citadel. Even so, there are some really great sculpts in there. Definitely a Marmite miniature collection!

  2. I must confess, I do like the Maruader skeletons. They aren't the most inspiring lot, especially compared to the the undead ranges that came from Citadel previously. There are some very nice exceptions though. MM50/1 C, the pistol wielding mutant is a fabulously weird model, and the model of the bunch is MM50/5 A, the Marauder logo skeleton, as fine an example of undead pirateness as you could want.

    1. Nothing like a pirate skeleton - someone should make a film about them! (;

  3. I painted lots of Marauder stuff back in the days for other people. Can't say I enjoyed most of it. I never really liked the skellies - they were just too different to fit in with the loads of earlier ones I had/have. I do like the flagellants though, and the giant.