Monday 29 April 2013

Realm of Chaos 80s: Orlygg's Trades UPDATED

After a few successful mini trades, I have decided to post up a load of miniatures that I am willing to shift.The range deals with figures from 3rd and 4th edition Warhammer and is mainly focused on Chaos, though there is some undead and other bits in there. I am primarily interested in trading models rather than selling, which is why the models are not listed on eBay. Support the Oldhammer Community first is my motto. I am interested in anything human, and have published some catalogue pages after my stuff to show you want I am mainly after. I am also after some Chaos Dwarfs if ypu have any to trade. 

 Okay, lets have a look at what I have to trade with shall we?

Set 1: Chaos Champions of Khorne as well was a sneaky Nurgle champion and the Marauder Beastmaster. CHAMPION 2  and 8 TRADED

Set 2: Chaos beastmen, and a thug. MODELS 1 2 3 4 and 6 TRADED!

Set 3: More beastmen, chaos warriors, a female thug and a Marauder Knight. BEASTMAN 1 TRADED!

 Set 4: Marauder skaven, orcs, a chainsaw warrior and  Citadel orc and dark elf.

Set 5: Goblin standard, 90s marauder, and some Bloodbowl humans.

Set 6: 90s Daemonettes and beastmen.

Observant readers may well have noticed that I have changed my email address. Hotmail has converted to Outlook and I hate it. I've changed to Yahoo, though I will still check the old one from time to time. It seems that people are emailing me and the messages are not getting delivered, so enough is enough. 

So my new address is So email me if you have things to trade. 

 Okay, here is what I'd like to trade for...

 Email Orlygg at if you want to trade.

Yes, I am planning an old school Empire Army after my Khorne one is complete.


  1. I have lots of these miniatures, I shall have mooch and see what i want to let go and email several time as I have miniatures stashed everywhere, J

    1. Thanks Jason... Looking forward to see what you may have stored away this time!

  2. Howdy...I would be interested in Orcs 5 and 7...let me see what I can scrape up for you as trades.


  3. Cheers Blue... They are reserved for you. Looking forward to seeing what you have in your lead pile.

    1. Hey Bro...I dropped you a PM on the Forum with some of my spares.