Thursday 14 March 2013

Oldhammer: Past, Present and Future...

Hello dear readers.

Here's hoping that this post finds you well, your lead pile tottering and your paint pots never dry. Today I have a few things to discuss with you all, and a few things to share, too.

Turning the tables

To start with I'd like share with you some images that Marcus Ansell has sent me. As you may or may not know, he is working behind the scenes at The Wargames Foundry to get as many tables together as possible for us to game over. Its early days, but these are three example tables of what you might expect to play on this summer.

That river could help construct a good narrative or two, couldn't it?

No room to hide!

Massive and legless- a bit like Orlygg.
The last image shows a broken table on its side. This beast is the one earmarked as a possible table for the Realm of Chaos games, though it needs its legs mending. Marcus feels that the tables are a little battered, but I think they look fantastic! They are certainly much better than anything I have gamed on before. Rob Townsend, a talented chap who used to do the tables for Wargames Illustrated, is going to work with the Foundry in the future to get more tables like this... Can imagine the serried ranks of classic lead clashing across these table tops? I can hear the dice chattering already. 

Bryan Ansell has also been in contact, explaining a little about those icons of his era that he is still in contact with. One name that cropped up a lot was John Blanche. Here's a picture of some of John's more recent models that he shared with the Ansells. Enjoy.

John Blanche conversions.

An Oldhammer Archive?

James Hall, an extinquished member of the Oldhammer Community on Facebook, has emailed me with a suggestion that I thought about preserving some of my content as a pdf elsewhere. Too be honest, it wasn't something that I was considering until now. His comments got me thinking about an idea that was kicking around during the early days of the Oldhammer Movement. Namely, developing a fanzine of sorts. Real Longbearded Oldhammer Grognards will no doubt recall the days that White Dwarf magazine ran special best of issues. I was wondering if the idea of doing a 'best of Oldhammer 2012-2013' might be a possibility? A pdf or some such that collects together the best articles from all the blogs on the scene? 

What do others think?



  1. Those tables look great - makes me all the more jealous that I won't be there :(

    As to the Best of idea I think its great. Its a pity the fanzine died away for whatever reason. I'll happily volunteer my services for compiling / producing. One of the advantages of not being in full time employment is plenty of free time :)

  2. Never completely dropped the idea of a fanzine, just got put on a back burner due to the family business you know about. If your interested in helping do something please do let me know, we have a section of the forum devoted to it, I have articles, we could recycle blog posts to I guess.

  3. Wow, those tables look fantastic. Maybe there might be a few patches of missing flock when seen close up, but they look pretty much incredible to me.

    Love the best of idea, by the way.

  4. Tables look awesome :) but there is no way my lead zombies are getting over those slopes, looks like I'm bringing plastic! C'est la vie!

  5. I can see the Wood Elf outpost of Kachas Pass and other locations from Orc's Drift nestling nicely between some of those hills...

    Be good to see the fanzine getting back on its feet sometime too.

  6. wonderful tables! I really hope I can make it to this thing...already saving my pennies...I think the fanzine is a good idea too...a print version would be nice...

  7. Man those tables look sweet. Propa contours and everything. Turkey shoot for my wood elves.

    A regular fanzine is quite a big commitment. What about a twice yearly thing? Possibly with some 'best of blog' type element to it as well as Oldhammer community contributions etc. This way both fanzine and blog could be combined and accommodated. Just a thought..

    Anyway, who wants too fight my wood elves on the Oldhammet weekend! I'll have 1250pts and some nice scenery (woods & wizard's tower) too. If anyone has any undead I thought maybe a necromancer in the woods type scenario. Any takers?

  8. John Blanche is actually active in the Inqisitor28 community. He participate in their events held in Warhammer world.
    If you are lucky and make very good minis and live close to UK you may actually have a chance to meet him both on social ground and play with his miniatures on the table!

    You can even see him comment section on Migsula, Spiky rat pack or Tear of Istvaan blogs

    So he is most active of the Oldhamer people !

  9. I've had a couple of games on those tables, including one of Rogue Trader. They're beautiful though a bit of a nightmare once the action moves towards the centre of the table. You need a snooker rest to be able to reach them lol.