Saturday, 2 March 2013

Old Stuff Day: The Return of the Woes of a Wargamer's Wife!

If you head over to bleaseworld, you can read the Bleasemiester explain what Old Stuff Day is about. To paraphrase, it means us bloggers need to post something we produced in the past that we are proud of, we think needs a second airing or a post that didn't do as well as you expected.

Recently, Realm of Chaos 80s celebrated its birthday, and in that post I discussed the articles I was most proud of there.

So I'll share this. As true now, as when it was written. New readers, how many of these are you guilty of? Old readers, are there any other 'woes' wargamers's wives must suffer?


Leadhead widows: woes of wargamer's wife

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