Sunday 24 February 2013

The Crude, the Mad and the Rusty: A Warhammer Adventure

An iconic cover. I am sure that you will agree. Later used for Empire in Flames and lots of other lesser releases.

A lighting quick pit stop for Realm of Chaos 80s today, so I can share with you this little nugget of 2nd Edition goodness from the ancient archives of WD.

A Warhammer Fantasy Battle Mini Game...

The Crude, The Mad and the Rusty.

Originally published in WD 83. The mini game has a little collection of models produced to go with it. Sure, the majority of them came from other ranges, but there were two (as far as I can tell) models produced for this game that were not included in any other range. These were, the Tinman model and Oxy the Dwarf Mechanic. Skrag the Slaugheter, erstwhile follower of Malal also made an appearance. 
The miniatures that were released to go with the game. And yes, you are reading it correct... Debenhams did used to have a fantasy gaming section... It just goes to show how popular gaming had become by the mid 80s, almost becoming mainstream... Sadly, it was not to last. 

A painted version of Oxy and the Tin Man that I found on Warseer.
Here's the link to the rest of the article... Sorry, but its a up upside down... Whoops!



  1. I still have Oxy and the tin Man and fine figures they are indeed!

  2. Interesting to see that one of the fanatics I have was used as 'Blood', I didn't know about that despite having this WD in my collection. My repeated failure to get my paws on a Skrag is turning into a bit of a troublesome saga though, I start to perspire every time I see him now.

  3. Arhhh Wotan aka Spikes Harvey, hate that sculpt as no matter how many times i try to paint him he turns out sloppy.

    Still need to get my hands on Blood and Gore though.

  4. Here's another pick from Neil Lemon's collection, courtesy Citadel Collector:

    Foot came off of mine too, had to drill/pin it back!