Wednesday 26 September 2012

Slave to Darkness: Green stuff and guitar strings!

Mini update this evening. I had a staff meeting today so didn't have much time to devote to working in the Realms but I have made a little progress with my first attempt at sculpting.

By sculpting, I mean actually making a bodily part rather than just repairs or filling in joins.

Let's have a quick look then...

Obviously this is work in progress but here is my attempt at making a pinhead attribute. Is it small enough? Its kind of hard to tell from the photograph but I think so!

The beginnings of a face of a beast of Nurgle. Blue, now you can see what the guitar strings are for! 
Additionally, I received two new leadites to join the collection.

At last another one of the Jes Goodwin ogres at a reasonable price. I am very surprised this one got missed!
So what do you think of my sculpting? I am new to working with greenstuff in this way so any hard earnt tips would be welcome!



  1. I think the sculpting looks really good, and the guitar strings are inspired.

  2. Agreed! Genius use of Guitar strings...Instant Dreadlocks! If you need anymore I have TONS...haha.

  3. Ah I've already got that Ogre lined up for my chaos warband - that'll be why he went cheap ;)

    Nice work with the green stuff - pinhead looks good, although I keep thinking of Hellraiser!

  4. For the pinhead why not take the head off a 1/72 or 15mm figure?

    The Nurgle head looks great!

  5. Your sculpting is very good. I've got noway near enough confidence (let alone skill) to try anything like this!

  6. "So what do you think of my sculpting?"

    Pretty snazzy.

    "I am new to working with greenstuff in this way so any hard earnt tips would be welcome!"

    Firstly, visit

    A tip I'll give you straight off: the putty in the pics looks fairly turquoise, which indicated a lot of blue in the mix. This isn't so bad if you want rounded shapes and edges, but can be a bit stiff, and quickly gets stiffer. For more malleability, and smaller and sharper details, mix a bit more yellow in. Polymeric Systems (the manufacturers of green stuff) nowadays recommend a mix of 1.5 parts yellow to 1 part blue as a standard mix, on the GS product page.