Tuesday 25 September 2012

Slave to Darkness: Fall to Chaos

The life of a Chaos Champion is fraught with hideous danger and the temptation of inconceivable power.

As the chart above starkly realizes, a Chaos Champion must face a legion of blasphemous trials on the journey to immortality. None is more fearsome than the cutting edge of my new tool. It uses metal disks to cut and made short work of the two heads that once graced my broken old miniatures.

Here is an conversion update after tonight's work.

The converter's chums! Superglue, brass rod, plasticard, plasticard rod and guitar strings. 
The aftermath of the cutting. I trimmed the old shield boss from the fist of the Khorne champion (left) and then obliterated the head to make way for the pinhead attribute. The Nurgle champion was a simple case of lopping off the arms and then removing the head - which I have kept for future use.
Brass rod is easy to cut and makes excellent pins for converted miniatures.
The arms have been repositioned on the Nurgle champion and a new sword created with plasticard. A more crude blade was added to the Khorne champion's hand. Both need a good filing now.
 Right, tomorrow green stuff will be added to the gaps and work will begin on the heads of these two champions. I have decided to sculpt both of them rather than cut off small familiar heads.

More soon.


  1. Great work! I love chopping up miniatures and putting them back together!

  2. ah ! you are trying retro conversion ! good to see !!
    Can't wait the result !!

  3. hhhmmmm....good stuff....though I am intrigues as to what you use the guitar strings for?