Sunday, 15 April 2018

Unreleased Foundry/Citadel Bretonnian Squire

Having a better source of natural light this morning (and bolsetered with inspiration thanks to Salute) I got to work on this rather charming figure. His history is a little confusing really, as he is one of those Foundry 'specials' that get cast up from time to time that seem to lack an obvious provenance. According to Marcus Ansell (who gave me this figure) he was sculpted by one of the Perry's and may have been part of the old Citadel Feudals range or a later purely historical one.

Despite hailing from parts unknown then, he is an amusing little figure as he has no weapon and holds, rather begrudging I must point out, a helmet for his no doubt incredibly aristocratic leige-lord. Characterful models like this are always useful, either to add flavour or narrative to a game or to act as a wound-marker.  

My other Bretonnian figures have this yellow and red livery - which is similar to the colours used by Skalitz in the excellent Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC game, which I have been playing through recently. 

Having just had a speed-painting splurge, I spent a leisurely couple of hours working on him and used my usual Foundry paints to do so. The helmet needs a little black in the visor now I have photographed him but I am pleased with the results. My eyes are beginning to struggle and I am in need of an eye test, so I found his face a little more challenging than normal. 

But age comes to us all!

I hope you like him. 



  1. Not a bad effort, I see you also suffer from the wide eye syndrome which gives your figures a surprised look!Can I suggest you just give him a smug of that dark flesh-tone beneath each eye to narrow his eyes a little.
    Good to see you yesterday, hope to see you again at BOYL?

  2. A fantastic looking miniature, and great to see you posting again.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Looks great! His face makes me think of the smarter squire and saying 'Hey, ya might need this!' Yeah, age comes for all but seems for us painters earlier than others...

  4. You really captured that 'I'd rather be doing something else' -look! Great job and I especially like how you managed to use 4 main colours without it looking crowdy -very oldhammery I'd say ☺

  5. Never seen this miniature before, certainly emits a tremendous charm flavour... Wanting to see more of those yellow & red liveried Bretonnians!

  6. I love the bright colours. And I think you did a fine job on the face - he's got a nice expression of apprehension.

  7. Now this is why I wish I lived closer to Nottingham.

    I love anything Bretonnian. What a shame he's not in the Foundry feudal collection 😊

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