Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Speed Painted Norse Dwarf

I haven't done any real painting for ages as I have grown so sick of the deathly dull light that abounds here in England. It has been the winter that hasn't known when to stop! My eyes just are not what they used to be sadly and working in anything but bright sunlight is proving to be a struggle. I know, I know that there are loads of lamps out there on the market that might be of use to me, but I have yet to find one as good as cheap old sunlight!

Despite this, I felt like having a good crack at a model today and what better a piece that the old Norse dwarf that had been sitting on my painting shelf for goodness knows how long! Obviously not wanting to spend too long working without glorious sunshine, I decided to challenge myself to the 'speed painting' rules I have discussed in the past.

One model in one hour. And you have already seen the results. I am fairly satisfied with the finish, though the brown on the belt and chainmail edges are screaming out for a further highlight. The metalwork also could have done with a little bit of cleaning up, especially between the helmet and the chainmail on the reverse shot below. 

But I ran out of time. 


  1. Like it a lot!

    Don't like painting in Britain though, I agree there. I don't really bother between about October and April. I've been thinking these last few days it's maybe time to break out the paints again. Now I want to paint Dwarves!

    1. Well, you know I feel the same about the weather. To make matters worse, my eyes are beginning to go so Specsavers will be a future port of call. Not sure how the wife will feel when I am buying 'painting glasses' though! (;

  2. Beautiful work as usual. I have this Dwarf sitting on my painting table, just waiting to be painted up!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. That is awesome for an hour worth of painting!

    I've challenged myself in a similar fashion recently and here's what oldhammer orcs looks after a couple hours, Guapo-style (sans cleaning and priming...):

    (go to reply #235 and #243 and sorry for the text-gibberish -it's Danish☺)

    I've beeen nearsighted most of my life, but I've been blessed with a razorsharp sight within 30cm, so even at almost 38 years of age, I can dot the pupil with no other aid than a good lamp! (...and a W&N brush... and flow-aid...)

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