Friday 18 November 2016

Colleges of Colour Magic: Golden Wizard

It has been a long week with two parents' evenings at school keeping me up late but I still managed to find the time (I am not actually sure how!) to finish off this fellow - my Golden Wizard. As is my whim, I have continued to use the Time Warped Wizards to represent the Third Edition colleges as best as I can. This fellow seemed just perfect for the wealthiest group of wizards in the Old World, though I cannot help wondering if he wasn't originally intended to be a wizard at all.

He looks more like a villager or nobleman to me. But then, what does a wizard actually look like, eh? Do they all require robes, a long beard and about fifty years to qualify? I think not. The background to WFB3 (and by association WFRP) is flexible enough for you to be creative without nerdist fluff-lawyers restricting your imagination. 

As seems apt for his college, I chose yellow and gold as the main colours. I used the absolutely excellent Foundry yellow triad to paint his fine jerkin and upper hose. As yellow has the lowest pigmentation in nature, it can be a challenging colour to get right - especially when highlighting as too much white can really bleach the shade. The Foundry paint is superb and only needs a little additional mixing to bring out the best in the tone. 

Go buy some now - you won't regret it!

With the yellow complete, the white was easy to work up with a light grey being used to create depth in the folds of the cloth. Red always compliments yellow well, and so I used it to paint up the rather large bows that adorn his clothing while purple served as a striking spot colour to off set all those fire hues. 

I am very pleased with the face and skin tones, as I have switched my flesh paints to the Foundry system and found it rather challenging to achieve my signature look in my recent work. Smart brown shoes, no doubt of expensive but practical origin, completed the model. 

I hope you like him. I feel he is the best paint job yet in this little project. 

Right, time for work and to ponder which college is next. 



  1. Nice job! I've painted mine too, really pleasant model to work on.

    1. He was, wasn't he! Such a characterful face is a joy to bring to life. Thanks.

  2. Great work once again. And thanks very much for the tip about Foundry paint. I was just using some Vallejo yellow, and I honestly think I needed about 5 coats before the base colour was smooth and opaque. So I'm eager to try something new!