Monday 31 August 2015

McDeath: The Three Murderers aka Paulus, Chico and Stefan

Three ne'er do wells: from left to right; Paulus, Chico and Stefan. Oh, and Ratter too! 
I just managed to snap this shot of my final batch of miniatures for the summer holiday 2015. It's been a brilliant six weeks but now is the time to concede the fact that I must return to a teacher's grind. Having been moved year groups (and key stages) over the holidays I don't really know what to expect. 

As you know, I am attempting to recreate the Glen Woe game next in my McDeath project and as part of that game I need three murderers. I pondered which models to use for a while, but in the end opted for these lovely Citadel militia, two of which have been re-released by the Wargames Foundry now. 

With just today left of the hols, I decided to spend what little time I had left blogging and painting - hence an increase in posts today. The Chico model (centre) was mostly finished, and needed just the chainmail drybrushing. The Stefan model was tided up and the lines on the hose carefully added, but Paulus and Ratter were painted in full today. 

I love Ratter. He is part of one of the old villagers sets, and though not unreleased or even limited in production seems to fetch a high price online. Rather ironic considering his tiny size. I painted him up like the English Bull Terrier he so obviously is. 

If the names sound familiar, that is because they are. These boys are my mini tributes to three Oldhammerers who have done an incredible amount for the community, particularly on Facebook, and I felt that they needed to be immortalised. If you have ever bought or sold on the Oldhammer Trading Company successfully, it was down to the hard work of these guys. 

I salute you all! 

Speaking of these great men of Oldhammer. We have decided between us to do our version of a great Games Workshop classic - namely 'The Tale of Four (Oldhammer) Gamers' in which we will have about eleven months to collect, paint and build a 1000pt Third Edition army to face-off with come BOYL 2016.

Chico has even created a banner to use!

So look out for my introductory post about that soon!


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