Sunday, 18 January 2015

Highway Gypsies: Dark Future Inspiration

I have just spent a pleasant hour or two searching the internet for images relating to Dark Future and, to be honest, there is not really much out there. That does not mean that there is no electronic inspiration, you just have to hunt really hard for the good stuff.

So what did I manage to dig up?

'They don't make 'em like this anymore, guv!' These motors wouldn't have to pay road tax here in the UK as they are over 25 years old now. Is it me, or is the central vehicle missing a weapon from that rooftop gun?
To begin with (thanks to Google Image Search) I discovered this beautiful image of some Dark Future vehicles on display in the Citadel Museum, Nottingham. Gorgeous are they not? I am particularly impressed with the blue car on the right - just look at the drybrushing effect! I am not sure, but I think the front half of the vehicle has also been treated with an 80s Citadel Ink wash. Just incredible when you see models like these in the flesh. What I also find interesting about these models is the lack of edge highlighting like we have grown familiar with over the last 15 years or more. That is certainly something that I will attempt on my vehicles when I start them. Finally, I love the transfers (obviously looted from other kits) that have been applied rather tastefully to the cars, particularly the red one. As an aside, can you spot any 80s classic Warhammer minis through the glass? I am pretty sure that I can see a Skrag the Slaughterer down there!

'Mad Max didn't have to put up with this shit!' I bet these boys know how to handle anti-semetic Australian actors!
One of the attractions to Dark Future (and a headache to Kirby and co) was the fact that you could work up everyday toy cars and use them in games. A noble ideal in the days of do-it-yourself gaming (which GW used to champion) but totally unacceptable in the world of corporate tat selling. Here we have the famed 'Maniax' gang mounted upon a souped up four wheel drive. This was one aspect of the game that really interested me, turning hotwheels cars (some of which are already pretty fantastic) into DF death machines.

'You feelin' lucky, punk?' Lovely models, beautifully painted. I can only aspire to such excellence. Is it me, or are they one penny (or even five penny) pieces for bases? I'll have to steal that idea in future!
As many of you will know, Citadel also produced a range of infantry for the game as well as lots of metal bikes. These figures are much rarer than the cars and are rather hard to get your hands on (I must have lost at least ten auctions and have yet to win a single infantry figure) but are very 80s and very characterful, don't you think?

What follows is a selection of White Dwarf articles on the game that I have managed to find online - and it saves me having to scan them myself. I love the colour, the dirt, the Tina Turneresque leopard print leggings

A scanned page from 80s 'Eavy Metal (ie, when it was good) which just goes to show how varied and imaginative Dark Future can be. This page visibly drips with inspiration, I am loving the drybrushed dirt all over that police vehicle. 
Lots of cars and even more weapons. I'm looking forwards to doing some freehand designs on roofs and bonnets. 
To end this post, I am pleased to report that I have found the seminal article written by Sid (who was he? where did he go?) concerning the building and converting of Dark Future kits and die-cast cars. 


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  1. Hello, do you konw where I can find a digital version of the rulebook? I'd like a real copy, but I live in Italy and it's next to impossible to find a copy of the game in my country...