Tuesday 8 April 2014

Antiquis Malleum Update: New Concepts and Greens

School is out! I have two weeks off ahead of me and I plan to do a LOT of painting, gaming and blogging in that time. A family holiday to Center Parcs in Suffolk provided the required R&R to get my mind focused on all things old school Citadel as well as a little bit of historical wargaming. 

A quick update today. Tim Prow has finished the green to another beastman for the Antiquis Malleum range. Its the batfaced one from a few weeks back, while Anthony Ackland has produced a new concept of a rather hideously deformed mutant. 

Thoughts, as always.



  1. Anthony Ackland's last concept Beastmen is known as ''Essex Beastman'' ;) As it's just so sexy heh

  2. There's something about the pose, he looks like he just can't be bothered. Saying that the actual figure is lovely.

  3. It's good to see that Tim's up to his old tricks, gradually producing less and less.

  4. Great stuff ,loving the tails .Where's batmans wings though ;)