Saturday 29 March 2014

Antiquis Malleum: Another terriying beastman concept from Anthony Ackland

Mick Leach is very keen that you should see this today. This is Tony Ackland's latest beastman concept that he has been developing for us here in the Oldhammer Community. His latest offering is far more horrific than most, largely thanks to that spiderface though the additional arm isn't going to help this chap win any beauty pageants either!
It reminds me in many ways of the classic 'Spider Mutant' from Slaves to Darkness, brought so skilfully to life by Mortis some years ago in his memorable conversion.
I really like this concept and I feel that The Grandmaster of Chaos is beginning to get into his stride with this project. Over the last couple of months we have seen warriors, daemons and now hideously mutated beastmen emerge from his twisted imagination.
It makes be ponder (in trepidation) about what he will produce next!
What do you think about this latest concept? And those of you who have been contributing to the project by providing your thoughts and opinions, do you think the concepts are moving towards that hotchpotch of creatures that so many of you are hoping for?


  1. I find this spider beast wonderfully disturbing! I really like the scutes on its upper arms; they provide a nice textural contrast to the hairy cephalothorax and palps. I think this beastman collection is shaping up beautifully and I don't think I could ask for anything better.

    I'm not entirely taken with the ornate armour on some of the figures. The point is well-made that they would fit well with a Slaaneshi army, but I envision beastmen as more... bestial, with ad-hoc improvised armour consisting of bits of leather and metal stitched crudely together. This is a very minor quibble though, and I'm absolutely delighted with what I've seen so far.

  2. Great concept. For me this is what a mutant/beastman should look like. Hideously twisted and mutated lot's of arms and claws. A warband of different models like the ones shown before and this spider beast would be wonderful. Even if used on his own as a champion or in a roleplaying setting or dungeon crawl.
    No stereotypes.....thumbs up.