Monday 28 September 2015

A Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers: Week Four

Trust me to choose something really challenging to begin with, eh? And 'challenging' is perhaps understating the Palanquin of Nurgle now that I think about it. The photograph above shows you how far I have got with it at the time of writing, and with Chico ringing in and showing off his completed hobgoblin templedog and rider, my first month is doomed to disaster. There is simply no way that this model is going to be finished by the end of September. 

But that wasn't for trying. 

The last time I posted about this palanquin I had just finished off the nurgling base - which took a full weekend! I have spent the little time that I have had in the last week to tinker away at the throne itself. I wanted to go for something opulent, so chose purple as the colour scheme for the padding on the chair and worked out from there. I used the excellent Foundry paint triad for the carved bone supports and orange for the tassels that hang from underneath the seat itself. 

Wanting to continue with the filthy/ornate look, I chose a night sky effect to paint onto the side panels of the throne, and used a nice sickly yellow to represent the stars and moons. 

Those three faces that leer so wonderfully from the back of the palanquin deserved to be properly painted. I felt that standard Nurgle 'grimdark' wasn't where I wanted to go with this model, nor the army that will form around it. Inspired by the very luminous colour choices on chaos miniatures in Bryan's collection, I decided to have a go at something similar. 

I toyed with a few ideas about the final design, and in the end went for red to match with the face above. I have just started to work on the gold edging and need to begin highlighting the base and wash you can see here. I won't go too bright, and hope a more grimy gold can be achieved with a little time invested but that won't be until next weekend as school life beckons once more. 

Still, it's October next month and that means a half-term. So hopefully, I can get two hundred points complete next month, as well as getting this classic Citadel miniature finished. 

We will speak again next weekend. 

Be sure to follow the journeys of my Brothers in Oldhammer; Paul, Steve and Chico - they sound like an alternative universe Beatles - as they complete their first month's work. 



  1. Looks gorgeous so far! Will be a joy to see it completed. It's a great old model.

  2. Looks good! My favorite mini from back in the days. Got so inspired by this one that I'm lining up one to paint myself

  3. Love what you've done so far. I have one of these waiting for some paint in my unpainted pile. Hrm.....

  4. Hey, just wanted to give a general shout out that I've really been enjoying your blog. I had already been getting back into my 4th Edition and Adv. Heroquest and you've inspired me to go back a bit further into my youth. Fantastic site you've got and my hobby is feeling more energized than ever! Thanks and keep up the great work!