Sunday 22 July 2012

The Citadel Collector Website: Brilliant GW Golden Age Miniatures Gallery

Have you checked out yet?

Its a website (yes, I real one) concerning the collecting of beautiful Citadel Miniatures. Steve is the proprietor of this wondrous slice of 80s GW beauty and added several galleries of John Blanche's pioneering work (with promises of more to come!) as well as miniatures from the collection of the Mighty Bryan Ansell too!

He recently took a trip to a GW open day and took some snaps of the glorious old school goodness on display. I've unashameably stolen the snaps and posted them here!

Look at these gorgeous lumps of lead! In the top row I can spot some Lords of Battle, second and third row includes that skeleton lifting his own skull, Chaos Sorcerers and Familiars. Look at those minotaurs and elementals on the bottom shelf!

Some Dark Future vehicles from the late '80s. This Big Box Game really intrigues me... I have to keep stopping myself picking up a copy on eBay.

Close up of those fantastic undead models from the classic diorama. There are plenty of other images on his site, including some classic 40k.

So check out Steve's webpage and offer him your support


  1. Steve is also one of the nicest guys I've met since I started delving into the world of collecting miniatures....a true scholar and gentleman! Awesome stuff.


  2. I have three of those four Elementals in a box in my parents attic! Wow, I think I even painted 2 of them...