Tuesday, 15 May 2012

PDF POWER: Norse Army List and other goodies!

I have a new printer!

Its a HP Photosmart C4680 and my wife wanted it to print off various things to do with the kids. Not bad for £30- thanks Tescos!

It is also a photocopier and scanner. Looking at my most popular posts, the pdf content I listed a few days ago is a mere 4 more views off being the most read item on my blog. This got me thinking, just how much interest are there in other materials linked with Warhammer 3rd edition? The One recently commented that he wished he could find a 'complete' set of WDs to look through. I have the vast majority of the WDs linked to 3rd edition. It would be fairly straight forwards to do this- if a little time consuming!

So I grabbed issue 107 of WD to test out my new scanner and see if this idea had any mileage. This particular issue contains two important texts related to our cause...

1) The Norse Army List for 3rd Edition (which is missing from Warhammer Armies) with miniatures buyers/collectors guide- sorry about the paint splodge, it wasn't me!!!!)
2) The Errata for Slaves to Darkness (which makes warbanding a WHOLE lot easier)

Fiddling around with my new toy I quickly worked out how to make a rudimentary scan and convert into a pdf document, both I have available for you via the wonderful world of email (orlyygjafnakol@hotmail.com) if any readers are interested in having their own copy of the Norse list or the errata.

When it comes down to the 'research' as I hereby dub it, I would organise the pdfs into the following categories

1) Background/fluff - the amusing stories often published back in the good ol' days of WD, often linked with a miniatures release (Gaj loves pastiches of these oh his own blog, warhammerforadults).
2) Additional rules not covered in the 3rd edition rulebook or other hard back supplements)
3) Miniatures collection guides, as there is still loads of stuff missing from solegends citadel index or collecting-citadel-miniatures and these resources are useful for the enthusiast.
4) Celebrations of paintwork (miniatures) and illuminations (background art)
5) 'Eavy Metal Guides

Or, I could just do a 'warts and all' pdf of each issue of WD starting with issue 93 (the launch issue of Wrahammer 3rd Edition).

Well, what do others think? Are there any WDs, articles etc of GW's yesteryear that you'd like a pdf copy of? Just leave a comment after this post and I'll do my best. If interest is high enough I would consider a Scribd account a build a research archive of suitable materials not available elsewhere on the 'net.

Back to those skellies now,



  1. You would be an absolute star to do this.

    Can I recommend organising by topic but including an issue by issue index as well?

    I'd love to see the old Marienburg and Confrontation articles, as well as the third edition WFB battle reports they used to put out on occassion.

    Please email the errata and list to brian@leadlegion.com. You've made me a very happy fanboy.

  2. Hey Orlygg,

    If you have a look at the huge pdf collection thats available online (i think its about 1.5G) it has most of the early copies of WD, but sadly missing about 20 issues.

    According to GameHobby.net issue 153 was the last reference to WFB 3rd ed.

    If your interested in scanning the missing copies i (and many other avid 3rd ed players) would be grateful, but i know it would be time consuming and laborious.

    If you would like me to email you the missing issues then just let me know.


  3. Hi Orlygg,

    That would be great! I could use some of the missing WD's to add some missing rules to the WFB3 Army Builder files.

    How about the Citadel Journals, do you also happen to have these lying around?

  4. I'd really appreciate a link to those online pdf's as well, please.

  5. Hi Lead Legion,

    post your email and i'll flick the link to the huge white dwarf collection to you.

  6. The One: please post the link to this comments box for use or email me details to orlyggjafnakol@hotmail.com. Hopefully, I have the missing 20 or so issues and can get them sorted out for us. Lead Legion's email is available at the top of this comments list.

    A big thank you in advance!

  7. Dreamfish: Sadly no, I don't own those texts. They go for a bomb on eBay! They are all available on the solegends site under catalogues. Here is the link...


  8. Hi, I realise this post is now over a year old, but I found this site recently as I have started to get back into playing Warhammer (and in particular 3rd edition).
    I hope you don't mind, but I've tidied up the Norse army list you scanned in, to make it a bit clearer for other people like me who wanted to print out a copy.
    I didn't include the collector's guide in the last couple of pages, just the army list itself (to slip into Warhammer Armies).
    Hope that's okay, and keep up the excellent work!

  9. I know this is really old now, but did you ever get hold of the old Journels?

  10. Hi orlygg.

    I'm converting fantasy armies into 40k and have just been told that there was an official Norse army list. Would you be able to send me a copy?

    I can't find any white dwarf archives that cover WD 201-349 online. Do you know where I can find info on which of these contain fantasy units and army lists?

  11. http://www.scribd.com/doc/149495639/Norse-3rd-Edition-Army-List Hi Jen. The document can be found at the end of this link.