Sunday, 1 March 2015

Behind the Scenes at Citadel Miniatures: A few photos!

A couple of photographs have been circulating on social media this weekend that I thought readers of this blog would be interested in seeing. The first, top, was originally posted by Richard Ellard (taken just before he relocated to the US) and was snapped in 1987. It shows many of the staff members in the Design Studio at that time. 

Who can you spot? 

Wayne England is in the black T-Shirt top left. Tony Ackland is roughly in the top centre, with Graeme Davis, Rick Priestley, Jervis Johnson, Paul Cockbirn, Richard Halliwell and Sid trickling down to the right. 

This second photograph shows Nick Bibby dressed to impress alongside the then Trish Morrison - Citadel sculptor extraordinaire. Photographs of this outfit appear in various White Dwarfs in the 1980s. 


  1. Who's the bloke bottom right with the magnificent mullet?
    Is he making some sort of statement or was the picture taken at just the wrong moment?
    Is the girl on the left in the pink top Anita Dobson?

    1. I was wondering the same things, haha.
      What a legend!

  2. Pink t shirt is Lucy ...

  3. I've got most other than three or four .....

  4. Here are the faces to which I can put names. Deep breath:

    Back row, black T-shirt - Wayne England

    A couple across from him, waving - Tim Pollard

    Three along from Tim, blud denim - Chaz Elliott

    Next to Chaz - Tony Ackland

    Next to Tony - BiL, the creator of Gobbledigook

    Then me in front of a red door with arms folded

    Next to me - Rick Priestley

    Next to Rick - Steve Hand, creator of Chainsaw Warrior, Fury of Dracula, Chaos Marauders, and Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

    In front of Steve - Jervis Johnson

    Next to Jervis - Mike Brunton

    Next to Mike - Paul Cockburn

    Far right, brick-red sweater - Richard "Hal" Halliwell

    In front of Hal grabbing crotch - Sid the figure painter

    Far left of pic, a little in front of Wayne - Dave Andrews

    In front of Dave, red hair - Annette Ellard, office manager

    In front of Annette - Sean Masterson, WD editor

    Front row, all in grey - Alan Merritt

    Next to Alan in black - John Blanche with unusually short hair for him

    Next to John, red shoes - Richard Ellard, Studio manager. I think this photo was taken to mark his leaving the Studio for GW US.

    Next to Richard - John Ellard, his brother. A supremely talented mould-cutter, now sadly deceased.

    Between John and Chaz - Aly Morrison.

    Front, purple Jacket - Phil Gallagher

    Next to Phil - Jim Bambra

    Next to Jim - Matt Connell, a mate of Jim's who worked at GW very briefly. He's best known for the Wardancers in WFRP article from WD96 (reprinted in Apocrypha Now).

    Behind Matt - Bob Naismith

    Left of Bob - Trish Morrison

    Right of Bob - John Thornthwaite, the man behind GW plastics

    Apologies to everyone whose name escapes me - it was a long time ago!

  5. Oops! Chaz is in blue denim, of course. Sorry for the typo. but doesn't "blud denim" sound so much more GW?

  6. I thinks this is a stupid question because I feel like everyone knows the answer except me -- are Trish and Aly Morrison siblings or spouses?

    1. It's not a stupid question. They were a married a couple.

      And both were extremely good at making toy soldiers. They were later split off from the main studio as "Marauder Miniatures".