Monday, 9 March 2015

Limited Edition Thrud the Barbarian

Citadel produced a number of Thrud models through the years. This one is my favourite of them all!
I have made the most of this weekend's bright light and cracked on with the large number of half-finished projects that adorn my painting space. If I am being truthful, I have an obscene amount of WIPs spread across my painting station and it really is time to get through the back log. This model, a limited release Thrud, is actually a recent addition to the leadpile. Its been a model I have been after for many years, as it appeared in a black and white photograph in the first few pages of the Third Edition rulebook.

Perhaps you know the image to which I am referring?

Anyway, this model allowed me the opportunity to go to town on my now much practised flesh painting technique. I based Thrud in my usual way (a very thin white undercoat) and gave the whole model a good coating with a mid-tone flesh colour. Over this I washed a dark red/flesh mix wash. Once dry, I painted the base colours for the rest of the model and coated the lot once again with a brown/chestnut ink wash to bring out all of the detail and create the shadows in the deepest parts of the model. 

Then it was a simple case of mixing up a suitable flesh basecoat and working up to my usual flesh highlight. As most of the model is slabs of muscle I found that the miniature practically painted itself during this process. The helmet and weapon came next and were quickly coated thanks to Foundry's metallic triad. I used a simple drybrushing technique over a washed base before edging in bright silver. 

Thrud in a rear shot. I deepened the colour tone in the depths of the muscle in a nod to his cartoon origins.
The loincloth took a little more work. Robert E Howard's Conan stories were never very far away from my mind here aso I opted for a golden girdle around Thrud's waist. I used the more modern GW paints for this as their new golds are really good paints. The leather work was a simple brown basecoat worked up with added Bestial brown and Bleached Bone. Finally, I used drybrushing with e the same colours to bring out the detail on the boots. I mixed in a little red to my brown leather paint mix to produce the strapping around the heels.

Job done!

Thrud squares up to the Wereman from my previous post and a WIP Treeman.
What next for the paint brush?



  1. classic figure. never been able to get my hands on one. nor wish to pay the 50-60 quid asking prices on ebay lol
    ive still got the thrud annual lying around somewhere

  2. I miss Thrud. I wish GW would bring him back as a full army list.

  3. Nice! I picked up the Thrud graphic novel at a boot fair yesterday and have been eyeing up models of him ever since!

  4. Now there's a piece of my childhood brought back into the light. I think you nailed the miniature well. He is primarily flesh (as all good barbarians are!) and the paint job looks smooth.
    I reckon both the Treeman and the Wereman are in for a rough time, regardless.
    Also, Thrud is still a going concern: I found the collected works on Amazon - (It WOULD be cheaper to get it at a boot fair though)

  5. Still an absolute classic both miniature and graphic novel, and takes you back to lol moments in gaming history.