Sunday, 22 March 2015

Acceptable in the '80s: Marauder Undead

Right then, back on track with the ACTUAL chronology of Warhammer Third Edition releases after our little foray into the world of Wayne England's classic old school dwarf miniatures. Now, wasn't that a sentence? Actually, while we are on the subject of Wayne's dwarfs, I can share with you this - Wayne has told me that he is working on a new dwarf army even as we speak and hopes to have something to show soon. 

So look out for that if you are a fan of his work. 

Onwards then... Today we discuss the Marauder Undead Contingent released in WD 136 in 1991. Looking at them now, its hard to see through the rather basic paintjob isn't it? But then again, the old addage goes - 'don't judge a book by its cover' and I suppose its relevant to model soliders too! Sure, the paint job presented in the photograph leaves quite a bit to be desired, based on past Citadel glories, and whiffs faintly of the yet to come 'Red Period', but its not that bad! I mean, the banners are quite good and there was even a photocopy version of each on the associated WD article (see below). 

Personally, I don't like the monopose regiments of archers and Grim Reapers, though I know a number of well known wargamers (the famous Harry from Warseer for example) who really enjoy building and fielding units in this way. I remember enjoying one of his games from the sidelines once, and he took me over to a unit and was very passionate about the way the same model created the 'look' he was after. I expect that there will be a fairly equal number of gamers out there from both camps.

The skeletons are much more up my street here and I wish there was a closer shot of them. I like the way the banner and shields tie the unit together in such a cohesive way. 

White Dwarf also carried a little painting article alongside the models. Look at that! Words! There are probably more words on that single page than in entire modern White Dwarfs. 

Now if you were a follower of Marauder releases, you would have no doubt recognised most of the figures in the contingent. Look closer and you can see that the leader of the force, a Necromancer, is a new sculpt. The page below shows you in glorious monochrome what the rest of the options for leader were - a liche and a vampire respectively. Oh, and a couple of wights. 

I doubt that I'd ever consider collecting this range. I just have too many old school Citadel skeletons to ever need any more, apart from a few more archers perhaps. But I am sure these unique models have their fans. 

Are you one of them?


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  2. Love the character models, but they're a little bigger than the old 3rd Ed skeletons and zombies, so they don't quite work. I did a couple for blog posts: - the Necromancer - the Vampire

    I've done the two wights too, I'll try to find some pictures of them for another blog post.

    1. Thanks Andy - but the links aren't working for me!

  3. for me these just cannot compete with skellies citadel put out in the mid to late 80s.

    1. I am in agreement. But then again - neither can anyone else's skellies!!

  4. The two Wights, Liche and Necromancer were the first "Warhammer" figures I bought after cutting my young teeth on Heroquest. I would love to get hold of them again.

    Undead are one of the few armies were I think "monopose" isn't that bad: