Sunday, 28 October 2012

The First Golden Goblin Painting Competition: Winner and Retrospective

Big ups to Headnhalf for the Golden Goblin himself!
Long years ago, when I was young and you were even younger (or, at least, what feels like long years ago) I posted an entry on this very blog discussing the idea of hosting an old school, Oldhammer painting competition. It created quite a buzz if I don't mind saying... Refresh your memories here.

Well, since suggesting the competition I have a new daughter and a new job. Subsequently, my free time is best described as 'minimal' or even 'non-existent'. I must confess to having dropped the ball on tying things up as they should have been tied up (read, declare a winner) but I wanted the competition to be the very anti-thesis of those exclusive, snotty affairs that spring up in so many other places, with of course the emphasis very much on the celebration of retro fantasy and third edition Warhammer. I wanted things to be easy going.

Perhaps my easy-going attitude was wrong? Who knows? It is very easy to stand back from a distance and state.. you should have done this Orlygg or you should have done that! 

Hindsight is wonderfully informative!

When I think about it, when this competition was launched we didn't really have Oldhammer. No T-Shirts (which I am wearing as I type, coincedently ), no forums, no nothing... And the fact that we have actually managed to hold a competition at all, and got to vote for a winner at all is nothing short of a miracle. 


Without any further ado, I gives me great pleasure to share with you the winner of the competition! Geoff Sims, A K A Wyldcat with his wonderful Angus McHammer. It was the entry I voted for because I felt that the model, story and painting epitomised the Citadel feel of the late 80s. 

Exactly what we were looking for...

Sorry about the image, I couldn't extract the images from the Word document they were sent in on.
Geoff, if you are reading , email me some original images so I can replace these. 
It was the black and white chequers that sealed the deal for me. Very evocative!

Angus McHammer- Goblin Athlete

Oi! Bigjobz! Dat’s not an ‘ammer, dis iz an ‘ammer! Pint a ol’ bogwartz sez yooz cannae squish a snot in a sack wiv dat puny fing. Wotch me clobber a stunty git at fifty paces wiv bofe me eyes shut, yoo juss see if I don’t. ‘Ere we go den...  ah rat dung! Got me ‘and caught in the chaaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnn!

Goblin definitions of “war” and “games” differ only slightly. A game usually involves finding a bunch of other guys, preferably smaller than you, and beating them to a pulp before running off with all their money, equipment and pretty goblin ladies. War is much the same, except it usually starts with comments about someone’s mother. To be good at goblin games you really have to throw your whole self into the action, Angus McHammer does so with gusto. Not usually so good at extracting himself from the ensuing crater he nevertheless makes the most of his one moment of participation, hurling himself into the fray, scattering friend and foe alike in a spirit of joyful abandon. Occasionally he hits his target, more often than not he ends up wrapped in his own chain, reduced to a spectator of the great goblin games.

Alignment:  Competitive, malignant but not necessarily evil.

Base size: 20mmx20mm


Special rules:
Angus is a goblin fanatic and subject to the special rules printed in the Warhammer 3rd edition rulebook (p98).

Angus McHammer costs 30 points. 


We had a joint second, between Darnog and Mad Melikor, so I include the both of those too.

Darnog, he's dank you know!? Exquisite painting!

Melikor, he's mad you know!?
So? Did you enter the competition? Or, perhaps you were just a bystander enjoying the action as it (very slowly, in drips and drabs, then splutters followed by frantic bouts of activity) developed or is this the first you have heard of it?

Thoughts please!

And a huge, huge thank you to Treps for offering the prizes in the first place. Six wonderful goblins for one, very special, golden one!



  1. Orlygg, I had fun with the competition. Even though I didn't get any votes.

    It really got me to critically think up a paint scheme, and back ground. I also enjoyed reading all the other entries as well.

    I feel like we have a rich group of inspiration creating members. I look forward to seeing more form everyone. As well as more competitions to come.

  2. Damn me, how could I miss such a contest? =(
    Hope there's another planned shortly - some oldies are waiting for paint paint-slapped.
    And of course: congrats to the winner :)

  3. A well deserved win! Here's hoping the Gobbos become an annual fixture!