Sunday, 28 October 2012

Ode to Heroquest: More fantastic pictures appear!

When you think of France you think of the birth of liberty, the finest wines, the gastronome and, of course, art of the highest quality. It comes as no surprise then that miniatures of a retro nature are also of the highest standard in the country.

Remy Tremblay is a prolific sculptor with many exceptional designs to his credit. I have been involved in the world of tabletop gaming for over 25 years and have rarely seen such exquisite work. Check out what he has been up to lately at his blog

He is also a Heroquest fan and emailed me an astonishing set of images the document his miniatures. Considering he has worked on plastic models produced in the late 80s, his skills are very evident here. The colours are rich and vibrant and the painting quality is outstanding. I feel that the quality of my own painting will improve just by looking at his, and trying to copy his subtle colour blends, especially on the fabrics.

Well here they are for your enjoyment.

The intrepid adventurers off to combat Morcar. I love the bases here and I honest cannot be sure if they are sculpted and painted or just exceptional paint jobs!
Gargoyle, or Bloodthirster (take your pick) painted up in glorious red and brown. Old school Khorne has never looked finer. 
Even after twenty odd years, these mummy sculpts are still some of the best available to the thrifty gamer and painter. They ooze menace- its the eyes... the eyes! Beautiful highlighting on the bandages too!
Fimir (or Firmir?) Immaculately painted - its amazing that these are just 80s plastic mould injected models, and this is what Remy has achieved with them. Incredible skills!
All I can say is thank you to Remy for sharing his work with us. The question is, does he have anymore retro stuff hidden away?



  1. I hope he does have more hidden away, and that he's happy to share it with us all! Really lovely paintwork on some gloriously nostalgia-inducing miniatures. Thanks for posting them.


  2. I have no words. Jeebus on wood at right angles to each other these are amazing.

  3. even more great work on an old classic.

  4. Wow! Just wow!

    Did you ever find out if the bases were sculpts (incredibly thin layers of greenstuff scored really finely?) or painted?

  5. im doing the set now and he has painted them on, and made excellent use of highlights and shadows to make them appear 3d