Friday, 26 October 2012

Search and you will find... Realm of Chaos Inspiration from Vintagephreak

Marauder Chaos Champion on Griffon 
The Realm of Chaos exists as a setting for glorious Warhammer. It also exists in a more literal sense - the almost unfathomable depths of the 'deep web'. It is here, as I have little time for painting at the moment, that I seem to spend my time, searching for lost gems or quality work by other fans of our period.

I have stumbled across an archived thread on Warseer from 2008 by one Vintagephreak who posted a truly remarkable series of images documenting his painted (that's right, PAINTED) Realm of Chaos army using models released by Citadel and Marauder between 1987 and 1992. Who Vitagephreak is (or indeed, was) is a mystery bar the fact that he resided (or indeed, may still) reside in Norway.

Vintagephreak? Are you out there? Your work and your collection is ASTONISHING!

Here is what I have managed to find.


Chaos Champions grouped together as a unit. I am fairly sure that the scythe wielder on the end is a colour copy of an original 80s 'Eavy Metal. A wonderful scheme and one I shall hopefully copy. 
The always varied and interesting chaos thugs. A fair sized unit with an obvious Khornate flavour. 
A horde of lead...
A unit of Marauder dwarfs. I love the fact that he used woodland green classic bases like I do for RoC models.
More thugs and a converted standard bearer.
Skrag is blood red armour. Note: I love the goblinmasteresque mushroom. I must have a  go at one of those one day.
Want one!
Want one!
I am a BIG fan of '80s minotaurs. So much character and variation. Unlike the model examples!
You can smell them, can't you!
Love this model... I recall Colin Dixon doing a fantastic version of this beast in the early 80s. 
Chaos ogre with large blade. Mean.
I have always loved these models. Great fun and very characterful. 
Marauder chaos horseman - conversion? 
Want one!


  1. Vintagephreak...aka one of the greatest citadel/marauder collectors that I know...his collection is truly mind boggling. This is the first I've seen of his RoC army...but if you love vintage metal you have to look at his Dwarf army...truly insane!\

    Have a stroll through this thread and prepare to be amazed:

    It should also be mentioned that Martin is a really nice guy who I have traded with on a number of occasions.

    Thanks for the post...I had no idea that the depths of his addiction strayed as far as RoC.

  2. Also the Marauder Mounted Chaos Warrior is not a conversion...he can be seen here:

    BTW...I NEED all of these guys! much lead to little money and time...

  3. Drop him a pm at frothers (check out the citadel archive sticky on the main board) or the citadel collectors yahoo group where he resides under the same name.
    Afaik he sold his chaos collection. I have a few of his painted pieces that I traded for 40k stuff.

  4. Hi! Martin here- thanks for including my models on your lovely site; as chance would have it I happened upon this blog late last week, and when I decided to visit the site again yesterday and look through all the lovely posts and photos, my own pics were staring me in the face! I love this site and will certainly find inspiration here I am still collecting and painting although I liquidated most of my Chaos army some years back. I guess my painting style and overall aesthetic had evolved in a different direction from the strong colours of the RoC era, and thus I wanted to start more or less from scratch. I am still in love with GW's old chaos minis, and am currently reassembling a chaos army dedicated to Nurgle (as opposed to Khorne the last time), which includes models from all the old chaos ranges. So I do feel at home here, and will hopefully be able to contribute in any way I can.

    Martin :)