Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Place of Slaughter: A Realm of Chaos Battle Report Part Three

Beloved Reader,

Welcome once more to the Realm of Chaos and the final part of the battle report of a recent battle held at the Sudbury Wargames Club. An alliance between Nurgle and Slaanesh have met a large Khornate warband. The target? A mysterious Blasphemer who has offended the disciples of the blood god with his disregard for a sacred shrine. Khorne must kill him, Slaanesh must convert him...

Slakesin makes easy work of the Khorne warrior before sizing up the rabble of orc boyz looming on the horizon. 
On the other side of the battlefield, Gluttonspoor continued to break the bones of the thug unit. 
Jaketh  and Slakesin softened up the orc and beastmen ranks with a a flurry of fireballs.
An overview of most of the battlefield before the final clash of the bulk of the warbands.
Dan's rather drastic solution to the problem of the Blasphemer!
It was at this point that Dan totally changed the game. Without his rash move, the game may well have gone a completely different way but all that was blown aside when his orc unit, flushed with violent desire to destroy the Blasphemer, swerved out of the battleline and engaged the chaos warrior!

As you would imagine, even with the formidable fighting skills of a chaos warrior, the orcs made short work of the Blasphemer and he fell to the ground, multiple wounds sliced through his spectral armour.
Grizzleguts also fell. Outmatched and outclassed by the frenzy of the Chaos Hounds.
With Dan's battleline broken, my forces prepared for a crushing assault in my next movement phase.
And here is the aftermath of that charge; beastmen x2 race to engage the orcs while Twoslice attacked the Khorne beastmen.
The paraphernalia of a Realm of Chaos battle. Rulebooks aplenty. 
Twoslice inflicts crippling wounds on the beastmen of Khorne and they run from the field as the minotaur pursued.
Slakesin cuts his way into the rear of the orc unit. His terrible blade reaping a terrible harvest of greenskin blood!
Gluttonspoor continued to murder his way through the Chaos thugs while Raggedflay bombarded the minotaur with fireballs.
Sadly, the Nurgle forces could so little against the monstrous force of Khorne. My right flank ceased to exist!
However, my combined force of Nurgle and Slaanesh beastmen destroy the orc regiment in full in a magnificent display of dice rolling. And so the game ended, we had to be home before midnight to ensure continual spousal happiness. 
The surviving Khornate forces. We imagined that with the Blasphemer down, Ironcron recalled his forces back to his lines.
With no Blasphemer, the Slaanesh and Nurgle forces have nothing left to fight for. Commanded by their gods they slink away from the broken corpses and groaning wounded. 
And so it ended.

And what a battle it was too. It was marvelous to witness the spectacle of the 3rd edition battle fought with original miniatures. We had a number of intrigued and fascinated spectators too. Including some older gamers who were 'there man' and some younger ones who had their minds blown away by the quality of 80s design and the fact that every rule required to play 3rd edition is in one book, okay, okay, two books if you include Warhammer Armies.

Packing up the game, we discussed the next RoC campaign, Slave to Darkness but confessed that we fancied playing 'something' totally different first.

But what would that something be?



  1. Gluttonspoor is one mean mutha! An epic finish to one of the best battle-reports I've ever had the pleasure to read on the blogosphere.

    It seems like you might have won over some new recruits, too. I guess it's fine writing about this stuff on the 'net, but actually taking it out to clubs and sticking it under peoples noses is what's going to gain followers. Especially when GW are continuing to shoot themselves in the foot by charging ludicrous prices like this:

  2. Cracking report. Pity it had to end when it did, but I reckon the battle had already been decided anyway. The only God that would have been happy with continued fighting would have been Khorne. So at least Papa N and S managed to thwart the BG in some small way.

  3. ...Miht you be tempted to explore Advanced Heroquest with such lovely '80s miniatures? A brief campaign might be fun for you and Dan (and maybe others in your new wargaming club)? All the material/rules are freely available online as well...

  4. You know what... you should try out Song of Blades & Heroes. It's not as meaty as RoC (obviously) but it's a damn fine game. Or if you're feeling particularly spelunky why not give Funghy's Cavern Crawl a spin? It's fun and I've never had a nicer smelling PDF ever. Honest guv!

  5. Skulldred, Havoc - both great games!

    Nice report too - glad you had a receptive audience