Sunday 21 October 2012

Acceptable in the 80s: Slann o' War! Third Edition Slann models and early Army List

Hello and welcome back to our ongoing series of articles that tracks the history of Third Edition Warhammer through the articles, releases and miniatures GW put out between 1987 and 1992. 

Today, its the last few items from WD 96. The Slann models and the subsequent army list published alongside. 


Originally I hated the Slann. I thought the models looked gawkish and naff. But the years have tempered my views and now I really rather like them. To begin with, we have the standard Slann foot soldiers in all their Aztec inspired glory. The sculpting has a lot to be desired but then again what was the concept? Frog men! No wonder that in later years, they were largely abandoned in favour of the lizard man. Still, the set of sculpts are varied and interesting. I'd imagine painting them must be fun (though collecting them would require deep, deep pockets) . The cold ones are also basic but in character with the infantry that I'd still not mind fielding them in small quantities. Of particular note would be the lobotomised human slaves. Only two sculpts but a fun concept nonetheless.

A brilliant sculpt and one I have never see on eBay. Loads of character in the handler and the hounds, if indeed that is the best noun to describe them, are positively chomping at the bit to get stuck in!

What can I say? I WANT THIS MODEL. I have lost time and time again on this one. £50 or more is a reasonable price for this rare set. Not only do the models look great as a diorama but they'd also make a fantastic centre piece of any army. Though not as obese as the later GW versions, this wizard packs a characterful punch, especially considering that he is being carried by more labotomised slaves. One day my friends... One day...

To support the release of the models, WD published a slightly difference version of the armylist, this time reflecting an mercenary force of Slann roaming the Old World looking for, well, who knows? Funny thing is, they can ally with anyone but the Bretonnians. This raises a really interesting concept of a small Slann force, perhaps a leader and a few units rather than a grand third edition army.

 Certainly achievable for a few hundred quid!

Anyway, for the interested here is the link to the scanned pdf of the armylist.

Slann Armylist


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  1. When I started warhammer (1989)Slann were nearly unavailable in the US, otherwise that would have been the army I'd have made.

    btw, the original Slann Wizard is on ebay now, starting bid 30gbp

    1. You're not too late if you follow this blog!